Hearthstone NatureScape

The Houston Chapter is working on this project to create a public viewing area for native plants. Our chapter has "adopted" a section of the detention pond which will become an attractive area exhibiting many native plants of the Upper Texas Coast. This project will involve removing tallow trees, Brazilian vervain, and other undesirable plants from the display area. The area provides a seasonally wet section and we will have the opportunity to plant native trees, shrubs, vines, grasses and wildflowers that will contribute to transforming this former barren detention pond into a valuable habitat area for wildlife.

The Hearthstone Naturescape

A Spencer Road Utility District Project

Hearthstone Naturescape----6705 Addicks Satsuma. Directions: From the intersection of FM 529 and Hwy 6 North, go East on Fm 529 to the Second Traffic Light and turn right onto Addicks Satsuma. Go south about 1/4 mile and you will see the fence around the detention pond on your right. Park in the Church parking lot at the south end of the fence.

Why a Naturescape?

The objective to the Hearthstone Naturescape is to convert a flood control detention pond into a reclaimed natural area. It will be an area to address a multitude of functions:

1. A natural setting in the midst of a community providing a safe haven

for wildlife and a relaxing area for walking jogging etc. This wildlife will include the wide variety of migratory birds that travel through the coastal bend and Harris County.

2. An educational component. Being strategically located to Truitt

Middle School, Horne Elementary and Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton parochial school, a variety of educational opportunities will be present to allow for classroom as well as extra-curricula activities of scientific inquiry, exploration and discovery. The Hearthstone Naturescape is available for scouts and other youth efforts to learn and participate in nature locally. Finally, it allows for the education of adults as well through a habitat introduction zone. Adults will be able to acquaint themselves with natural habitats.

3. Reestablish native wildflowers and grasses. Using the wide variety

of high dry areas and low wet areas, differing soil types and conditions will allow for the planting of a wide variety of plant material. Such variety of plant material will allow for wildlife species traveling through as well as a wildflower species.

4. Provide a canopy credit for the Houston area. Through the addition

of trees additional green space will be provided to offset the affects of the Houston area growth and prosperity, simultaneously contributing a cooling affect against the urban heat island reradiated heat during the summer months.

For more information go to www.bayoupreservation.org/naturescape/