Perennial Wildflowers
* Deer Resistant  
# Not Native to Immediate Area   

Common Name Botanical Name Lib RNC Size Bloom Period Description Cultural Requirements / Comments
Antelope-horns Asclepias asperula 1-2' Mar-Nov Low, upright to widely sprawling, white flower clusters sandy to rocky areas in sun, considered poisonous yet valuable medicinal herb
* # Autumn sage Salvia greggii X 2' spring-fall Shrubby plant, flower spikes, dense foliage Blooms best in moist rich soil, responds well to pruning, aromatic
Big red sage Salvia penstemonoides 2-4' summer Smooth leaves, spikes of 1'  red flowers Needs space, aromatic, attracts hummingbirds
Black dalea Dalea frutescens X 2' Jul-Oct Low-lying shrub with purple flowers, airy foliage Sun, good drainage, does well on poor rocky soil
Blackfoot daisy Melampodium leucanthum X 8-12" Mar-Nov Low, bushy, mounded with white daisy-like blooms Sun, dry well-drained soils, easily grown
Blue mistflower Eupatorium coelestinum 2-3' Aug-Sep Sprawling, leafy, lavander flowers Moisture, part shade, needs control and cutting back
Blue-eyed grass Sisyrinchium ensigerum 9" Apr-May Foliage like tiny iris, blue 1" flowers Needs good drainage, good in rock garden, dormant summer/fall
Bouchea flaxleaf Bouchea linifolia
Brown-eyed susan Rudbeckia hirta X 2' summer Scratchy leaves, dark center, 1" yellow petals Sun, not particular, short-lived but self seeds to form large colonies
Butterfly weed Asclepias tuberosa 3' Apr-Sep Upright, clump-forming, small red-orange blooms Various soils, sun to part shade, favorite of butterflies and bees
Carolina anemone Anemone caroliniana 1' Feb-Apr Upright, unbranched, 11/2" white to blue flowers Sandy to loamy soils in sun
Cardinal flower Lobelia cardinalis 18" May-Oct Sturdy main stem, branched, red 11/2" red flowers Best in moist soil, part shade, crown rots if covered, short-lived
Cedar sage Salvia roemeriana X 2' Mar-Aug Scalloped fuzzy leaves, 11/2" flowers in red spikes Likes shade, good drainage, may get crooked or sprawling
Celestials Nemastylis geminiflora 9" Mar-May Few straplike leaves, 2" light blue flowers Don't disturb during winter-summer dormancy, our prettiest bulb
Cut-leaf penstemon Penstemon baccharifolius X 1-2' summer Dense, toothed leaves, spikes of 11/2" red flowers Does well on dry, rocky soil, leaves flatter, more rounded than P. triflorus
Damianita Chrysactinia mexicana X 1-2' spring-fall Small shrub, heavy blooming, yellow flowers Dry sunny site, good drainage, tolerates heat and drought, aromatic
Engelmann daisy Engelmannia pinnatifida 2-3' Mar-Oct Big-toothed leaves, 1"  yellow flowers Not particular to site, remove old stalks, aggressive plant, readily self-sows
Erect dayflower Commelina erecta 2' May-Oct Upright, slender-stemmed, 2 blue petals on flowers Not particular to site, actually has 3 petals but third is very inconspicuous
Fall aster Aster pratensis X 2-3' Sep-Nov Small shrub with 11/2" purple flowers Sun to part shade, various soils, showiest of fall bloomers
False dragon-head Physostegia angustifolia 2-4' May-Jun Numerous pale pink flowers on dense spikes Moisture, sun or part shade, found naturally on moist soils
Foxglove Penstemon cobaea 18" Apr-May 11/2" lavender/white bells on sturdy spikes Slow, durable, not particular, our largest-flower penstemon
Fragrant gallardia Gaillardia sauvis 2' Mar-May Rosette of leaves with slender stem supporting bloom Bloom very fragrant, rarely has petals, easily grown from seed
Guara Gaura linderheimeri X 2-5' Apr-Nov White flowers, four petals in one row on upper side Prefers moist areas, tolerates poor drainage, flowers close in heat
Gayfeather Liatris mucronata 18" Aug-Sep Wiry leaves, brushy lavender flower spikes Likes dry rocky slopes, seed takes two years to sprout
Giant blue sage Salvia azurea X 2-3' fall Long willowy spikes of blue 1" flowers Shade tolerant, very slender so needs background to fully appreciate
Tall goldenrod Solidago canadensis 3-7' Sep-Nov Upright with large flowerhead of yellow/gold flowers Not particular to soil or habitat, is not responsible for hayfever
Hinckley columbine Aquilegia hinckleyana X 2' Apr-May Scalloped leaves, big yellow flowers Best in moist soils, part shade, not difficult, free bloomer, evergreen foliage
Ladies' tresses Spirnthes cernua 6-14" Sep-Dec Mostly basal leaves, white flower spikes Best in moist areas, almost impossible to transplant, native orchid
Lanceleaf coreopsis Coreopsis lanceolata X 1-2' Apr-Jul Neat clumps, 2" yellow flowers Moist, rich soil, sun or part shade, easy, free blooming
Lindheimer's senna Senna lindheimeriana 2' Aug-Oct Spreading, compuund leaves, 1" yellow flowers Not difficult, self-sows, dies back in winter
Maximillian sunflower Helianthus maximiliani 3-6' Aug-Oct 2" yellow flowers on unbranched stems Sun, deep soil, aggressive, needs room
* Mealy blue sage Salvia farnacea X 1-2' spring-fall Spreading clumps, blue flowers on spikes Shade and drought tolerant, easy, cut back after bloom
Mexican petunia Ruellia brittoniana X
Missouri primrose Oenothera macrocarpa 1' Apr-Jun Small plant, large yellow flowers Sunny site, well drained soils, flowers close during heat of day
Pigeon-berry Rivina humilis 1-2' May-Oct Leafy half-shrub, 2" pink or white flower spike Likes shade, tolerates drought, tiny bead-like red fruits
Pink evening primrose Oenothera speciosa 1-2' Mar-Jul Trailing, numerous large pink flowers Sun, average conditions, aggressive, easy
* Pink mimosa Mimosa borealis 3-4' Apr-Jun Low shrub covered with 1/2" pink flower balls Best in dry sun, fragrant, lacy foliage on spiny stems
Pink skullcap Scutellaria drummondii X 8-12" Feb-Nov Low, square-stemmed, two-lipped flower Various conditions, short-lived perennial, good border plant
* Prairie verbena Verbena bipinnatifida 1' spring-fall Trailing plant, clusters of 1/4" purple flowers Very easy, tolerant, evergreen
Purple coneflower Echinacea purpurea X 2' May-Jun Forms large clumps, 3" rose-colored flowers Sun or part shade, good drainage, slow growing, long-lived perennial
# Rock rose Pavonia lasiopetala X 1-3' spring-fall Neat small shrub, 1/4" rose-colored flowers Moist, part shade, keep pruned, short-lived, self-sows
Scarlet penstemon Penstemon triflorus 1-2' May 11/2" trumpets on sturdy spikes Extra water prolongs bloom, one of Hill Country's showiest flowers
Slender-stem bitterweed Hymenoxys scaposa X 16" Feb-Oct low, upright, 2" yellow ray flowers Dry, sunny location, foliage has bitter taste
Square-bud primrose Calylophys drummondianus X 1-2' Mar-Nov Neat shrub with yellow 1-2" flowers Easy, needs good drainage, free-blooming, evergreen
     v  berlandIeri
Standing winecup Callirhoe digitata 1-2' Apr-Jun Sprawling plant, handsome magenta flowers Sun to part shade, good drainage, drought tolerant
Texas betony Stachys cocciena
Texas frog-fruit Phyla incisa 6"-1' Mar-Nov Trailing, small white flower clusters Variety of sites, great groundcover, will grow where most plants can't
Texas greeneyes Berlandiera texana 2-3' spring-fall 2" yellow flowers with green centers Sunny, well drained, easy, long-lived
* Texas lantana Lantana horrida 2-3' spring-fall Coarse leafy shrub, orange/yellow/purple flowers Trim back in winter, usually beats exotic varieties
Thoroughwort Eupatorium havanense
Tropical sage Salvia coccinea 1-2' Apr-Nov Slender spikes, red flowers, leafy stems Moist to average soil, part shade, cut bach often
Turk's cap Malvaviscus arboreus X 3-5' Jun-Oct Red flowers, tall spreading stems, red fruit Best in shade, deep soil, attracts hummingbirds
     v drummondii
Wild columbine Aquilegia canadensis X 1-2' Mar-May Spurred red/yellow flowers, maidenhair-like foliage Best in rich moist soil, part shade, virtually evergreen
Winecup Callirhoe involucrata
Yarrow Achillia millefolium X 6"-2' Mar-Jun Low ferny foliage, tall white flower stems Sun or part shade, easy, needs control, evergreen
* Zexminia Wedelia hispida X 2' May-Oct Bushy clumps, rough leaves, orange flowers Add moisture for better bloom, tough plant, drought and heat tolerant