Trees & Shrubs
* Deer Resistant   
# Not Native to Immediate Area   

Common Name Botanical Name Lib RNC Rate Height Description Cultural Requirements / Comments
* Agarita Berberis trifoliolata X s 6' Stiff spiny leaves, yellow spring blooms, red berries Full sun, xeric, evergreen, fruits make good jelly
American beautyberry Callicarpa americana X X f 5' Shade-loving shrub, megenta berry clusters on stems Moist conditions, great for shady garden spots
American elm Ulmus americana X m 80' Large fountain-shaped tree with buttressed trunk Prefers deep, well-drained moist sites, will become shallow rooted in thin soils
American smoketree Cotinus obovatus X X m 5' Feathery blooms, good autumn color Does well with improved soil and moisture, choice specimen, use female for "smoke"
* American sycamore Platanus occidentalis  f 100' Large leaves, pale mottled bark Prefers moist sites with deep soil, need large area, use local stock
Anacacho orchid tree Bauhinia congesta X m 12' Handsome bush, showy white flowers in spring Well-drained soil, sun to part shade, may freeze back in winter
Arizona walnut Juglans macrocarpa X m 45' Compound leaves, large nuts Prefers moist sites with deep soil, wildlife relish nuts
Ashe juniper Juniperus ashei X f 25' Evergreen conifer, "cedar" Prefers xeric sites, great for use as windbreak or visual screen
Baldcypress Taxodium distichum X m 100' Large deciduous conifer, cylindrical form Tolerates poorly drained soil, avoid drought, needs large area
Bigtooth maple Acer grandidentatum X m 45' Native sugar maple, orange to red fall color Summer watering improves growth rate, only maple recommended for Hill Country
Blanco crab apple Pyrus ioensis v texensis X X m 15' Pinkish-white blooms, tart fruit, root sprouts Prefers moist loamy soils, unusual specimen, a favorite browse for deer
Bur oak Quercus macrocarpa X m 80' Large stately tree, large violin-shaped leaves, huge acorns Prefers deep well-drained soils, large taproot, will tolerate poor conditions
Buttonbush Cephalanthus occidentalis X f 6' Rounded shrub, ball-like white flower clusters Moist low-lying soil, fruits eaten by a variety of birds
Canyon mockorange Philadelphus texensis v coryanus X X m 12' Rare low growing shrub, white four-petaled flowers Prefers moist shady areas, rare plant in the wild
Carolina basswood Tilia caroliniana X m 75' Mulberry-like leaves, white flower clusters Prefers moist sites, loamy soils, little-used valuable shade tree
Carolina buckthorn Rhamnus caroliniana X X m 25' Small late deciduous tree, lustrous leaves, black fruit clusters Shade and sun tolerant, choice specimen, preferred deer browse
Cedar elm Ulmus crassifolia X m 50' Columnar shape, bright green spring foliage Tolerant of many soils, drought resistant, dependable shade tree for most situations
* # Cenizo Leucophyllum frutescens X X m 8' Size depends on variety, silvery leaves, purple flowers Sunny well-drained site, desert "barometer plant" foretells rain
Chinkapin oak Quercus muhlenbergii X m 50' Globular form, toothed leaves Prefers moist sites with deep loamy soils, outstanding shade and wildlife tree
Creek plum Prunus rivularis X m 6' Thicket-forming shrub, white flowers early spring Sun to part shade, good for erosion control on banks
# Desert willow Chilopsis linearis X X f 30' Spreading shrub/small tree, pink or white tubular flowers Adaptable to varied sites, native to West Texas and Rio Grande Valley
Dwarf palmetto Sabal minor X m 5' Low growing palm, rarely has trunk Needs moist area with rich soil, not drought tolerant, only Hill Country native palm
Eastern cottonwood Populus deltoides X f 100' Broad leaves, fast growing large tree Moist variable soils, intolerant of shade, quick shade, choose "cottonless" varieties
Escarpment black cherry Prunus serotina v eximia X f 60' Showy white flowers in spring, yellow fall foliage Moist soils, tolerant of some shade, specimen shade and wildlife tree
Evergreen sumac Rhus virens X X s 6' Delicate shiny leaves, fall-blooming, red berries into winter Sunny well-drained site, drought tolerant once established
Eve's necklace Sophora affinis X f 20' Compound leaves, pale pink blooms, bead-like pods Responds to good, well-drained soil, unusual and attractive ornamental
Flameleaf sumac Rhus lanceolata X f 20' Open crowned shrub/small tree, brilliant red fall foliage Dry areas with full sun, dependable fall color, root sprouts
Fragrant sumac Rhus aromatica m 8' Aromatic shrub, conspicuous flowers, red fall color Sun to part shade, fruits eaten by many birds, smallest of Hill Country sumacs
Goldenball leadtree Leucaena retusa X f 20' Bright yellow globular blooms, delicate foliage Adaptable, responds to fertilizer and water, may bloom spring and fall
Gum bumelia Bumelia lanuginosa X m 40' Shrub/small tree, branches sometimes thorn-tipped Sunny well-drained areas, fruits used by birds and small mammals, root sprouts
Honey locust Gleditsia triacanthos X f 70' White spring blooms, large pods, lacy foliage Sunny sites, vulnerable to insects, select thornless varieties
Hop tree / Wafer ash Ptelea trifoliata X X m 20' Multi-trunked shrub/small tree, fragrant inconspicuous flowers Shady areas, in citrus family, rarely browsed by deer
Huisache Acacia farnesiana X m 30' Spiny multi-trunked , yellow-gold fragrant globular blooms Sunny well drained areas, can become invasive in southern range, thorns
Hummingbird bush Anisacanthus quadrifidus X
Kidneywood Eysenhardtia texana X m 12' Multi-stemmed shrub, fragrant white flower spikes Sun to partial shade, drought tolerant, responds to watering, preferred deer browse
Lacey oak Quercus laceyi X s 45' Attractive blue-green foliage Responds well to irrigation, slow growing but quality shade tree
Live oak Quercus virginiana X m 50' Handsome semi-evergreen tree Avoid spring pruning (oak wilt), Texas's number one shade tree
Quercus fusiformes
Mesquite Prosopis glandulosa X m 40' Thorny open-crowned tree, long bean pods Tolerates a variety of sites, can become invasive, wood used for barbeque
Mexican buckeye Ungnadia speciosa X X f 15' Blooms resemble redbud, fruit large capsule Adaptable to most sites and soils, good speciman plant, rarely browsed by deer
Mexican plum Prunus mexicana X m 20' Native plum with white blooms, edible fruit Moist sites, some drought tolerance, attractive ornamental
Mexican redbud Cercis canadensis v mexicana X m 20' Like Tx redbud except for densely hairy twigs and leaf stalks Avoid site with afternoon sun and poor drainage, good understory tree
* Mexican silktassel Garrya ovata X X m 15' Leathery evergreen leaves, purplish fruits into winter Sunny site, do not over-water, can be mass planted for hedge
Mexican white oak Quercus polymorpha X m 60' Semi-evergreen tree, leathery leaves Sunny well-drained sites, evergreen in mild winters, sold as "Monterrey oak"
Osage orange Maclura pomifera X m 40' Irregular crown, stout thorns, large inedible fruit, "horse apple" Tolerates variety of sites, extremely hard durable wood, historically used for bows
Pecan Carya illinoensis X m 100' Large compound leaves, nuts ripen in fall Deep, moist well-drained soils, state tree, needs large area
Possumhaw Ilex decidua X X m 8' Dioecious shrub, red-orange berries on female plants Sun to part shade, select females for berries, fruit persists into winter
Red buckeye Aesculus pavia  X m 5' Multi-trunk, palmate leaves, showy red flower clusters in spring Shade, well-drained soil, defoliates in summer, use in mixed plantings
Retama Parkinsonia aculeata X m 35' Thorny, green-barked, drooping foliage, orangish flower clusters Full sun, well-drained soils, leaflets defoliate during drought but rachis remains
Roemer's acacia Acacia roemeriana X m 12' Multi-stemmed, round cream-colored flowers Full sun, well-drained soils, catclaw thorns
Rough-leaf dogwood Cornus drummondii X f 20' Thicket forming shrub, rough hairy leaves Prefers moist soil, tolerates poor drainage, flowers not as showy as flowering dogwood
Rusty blackhaw Viburnum rufidulum X X m 15' Shrub/small tree, white flower clusters, blue-black fruit Sun or part shade, bronzy fall foliage, unusual bark
Shumard oak Quercus shumardii f 100' Large fast-growing red oak Deep, moist well drained soils, requires additional water in western extent of range
Smooth sycamore Platanus occidentalis v glabrata X f 100' Large tree, few if any secondary teeth on leaves Deep, moist well-drained soils, needs large area, seeds in spiny ball-shaped capsules
Spicebush Lindera benzoin X m 15' Multi-trunk large shrub, aromatic leaves, red fruit Prefers rich, moist well-drained soils, protect from afternoon sun, good for shady areas
Sycamore-leaf snowbell Styrax platanifolia s 12' Uncommon creek-side shrub, white flowers in spring Rich soil, moisture, afternoon shade, endemic to Edwards Plateau
Texas ash Fraxinus texensis X f 30' Native ash resistant to insects and disease Moist well-drained soils, attractive small shade tree
Texas buckeye Aesculus arguta m 15' Palmately compound leaf with 7-11 leaflets Moist soils, understory shrub, fruits are poisonous
Texas madrone Arbutus xalapensis X X s 30' Leathery evergreen leaves, white blooms, red fruit, peeling bark Avoid watering leaves, provide light sunscreen first 2 years, unusual beauty
* Texas mountain laurel Sophora secudiflora X X s 12' Evergreen shrub/small tree, showy purple fragrant flowers Thrives in sun, poor soil, protect small plants from caterpillar damage
* Texas persimmon Diospyros texana X X s 10' Dioecious shrub/small tree, smooth grey bark, black fruit Adaptable to varied sites, handsome specimen when mature
Texas pistache Pistacia texana X f 30' Large multi-stemmed shrub, shiny evergreen leaves Xeric sites, disease free, drought hardy, ungainly unless trained when young
Texas red oak Quercus buckleyi X m 40' Attractive autumn foliage Needs good drainage, grows well with irrigation, avoid spring pruning (oak wilt)
Texas redbud Cercis canadensis   v texensis X X m 20' Shiny leathery leaves, pink blooms in early spring Well drained soils, avoid afternoon sun, good understory tree
Texas walnut Juglans microcarpa X m 30' Smaller cousin to Arizona walnut, smaller nuts Prefers deep, well-drained soils, walnut for smaller areas
Toothache tree Zanthoxylum hirsutum X m 15' Small prickly shrub, five leaflets Xeric sites with good drainage, leaves numb mouth when chewed
Vasey shin oak Quercus pungens v vaseyana X s 25' Semi-evergreen oak, silvery scaled bark Responds to added water in well-drained soil, specimen tree for smaller spaces
Western soapberry Sapindus drummondii X f 30' Pecan-like leaves, yellow in fall, amber fruit clusters Tolerant of poor sites, easily transplanted, dependable medium-sized shade tree
White shin oak Quercus sinuata v breviloba X m 20' Usually multi-stemmed small tree, flaking bark Shrubby in poor thin soils, tree-like in deeper soils, good small tree
* Yaupon Ilex vomitoria X X s 25' Evergreen shrub/small tree, red berries Best in light shade, dwarfs suited for small hedge, poisonous fruit
Yellow buckeye Aesculus pavia v flavescens X m 5' Like red buckeye with yellow flowers Shade, well-drained soil, defoliates in summer, use in mixed plantings
* Deer Resistant