2024 Nominations for Annual Awards End May 31st!

Each year our Society recognizes achievements of individuals and groups whose work supports our mission and enriches our understanding or appreciation of Texas native plants. Awards are presented for acts of conservation and public service, excellence in writing, horticultural achievement, lifetime achievement, and service. These awards are selected by the Awards Committee with approval by our State Board. Recipients are honored at the Awards Banquet during the Fall Symposium.

The Awards Committee seeks input from Society members and nonmembers to identify qualified candidates for the Native Star, Digital Media and seven Memorial Awards. Nominations can be submitted now through May 31, 2024. Details of nominee’s work are required; photos are helpful. Complete contact information for the nominees and submitter are required.

Please ensure your candidate is in compliance with the nomination rules, qualifications and specifics as described below. You can view previous Memorial, Native Star, and Digital Media award winners here.

Submissions are now open for:

  • NATIVE STAR AWARD given to an organization, agency or group for a specific act of conservation or public service
  • DIGITAL MEDIA AWARD recognizing outstanding digital publications featuring Texas native plants
  • MARY JO LAUGHLIN AND EULA WHITEHOUSE MEMORIAL AWARD recognizing visual art that illustrates, interprets, or promotes native plants
  • SHIRLEY D LUSK MEMORIAL AWARD honoring a citizen scientist for collecting and preserving Texas native plants for public education by providing an outstanding contribution of herbarium vouchers. Nominees must have contributed at least 150 specimens and be a Society member.
  • CARROLL ABBOTT MEMORIAL AWARD for writings in the popular vein on Texas native plants
  • DONOVAN STEWART CORRELL MEMORIAL AWARD for scientific writing in the field of the native flora of Texas
  • NANCY BENEDICT MEMORIAL AWARD given to an individual for an act of conservation/public service in the field of Texas native plants. This is neither a “joiner” nor a “lifetime of service” award: it is for a specific act or acts
  • LYNN LOWREY MEMORIAL AWARD for horticultural achievement in the field of Texas native plants
  • CHARLES LEONARD WEDDLE MEMORIAL AWARD for lifetime achievement in the field of Texas native plants. This award shall be for longtime service and achievement in the collection, study, usage, writing, planting, growing, observing, etc., of the native flora of Texas.


Rules & Qualifications

  • Anyone can submit a nomination.
  • Nominees need not be members of the Society — with the exception of the Shirley Lusk Memorial Award.
  • Only those publications or acts published or performed within the past five years will be considered.
  • Only publications that deal with native Texas flora on Texas soil, and acts of discovery, rediscovery, conservation or service, in a broad sense, shall be considered for awards.
  • Publications can be books, monographs, papers, magazine articles, etc. If the publication is a paper or magazine article, it should be original or groundbreaking work.
  • An award will be given only when there is justification for it. Only one award can be given in each category. An award does not need to be given in every category every year.
  • No one individual, group, or organization may win more than one award in any calendar year.
  • View previous award winners here.
  • Although it is encouraged, an award recipient is not required to accept an award in person at the Fall Symposium. If the award is not accepted in person, it can be mailed to the recipient or given in person to a designated substitute.
  • Award recipients are expected to pay for their own transportation and lodging for the Fall Symposium. Memorial, Native Star, and Digital Media recipients may receive a complimentary Saturday registration package for themselves and banquet tickets for two.
  • None of the above shall preclude the State Board from giving awards of merit, service, appreciation, etc., to members or non-members of the Society.