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Native Plant Society of Texas

July 2001 – December 2004 Cheri Richardson


Volume 19, No 4
Eupatorium rugosum
Landscape Maintenance Tips

Volume 19, No 5
Lobelia cardinalis, Quercus virginiana
Don’t Give Up On Oaks!

Volume 19, No 6
2001 Symposium
Hilaria belangeri, Cocculus carolinus
Rare Plants
Wild Child: Kids & Plants
Cranberry Bitters On a Thorny Shrub

Volume 20, No 1
Discovery: Two Liatris sp.
Viola sp. & Family, Opuntia engelmannii
Wild Child: Kids & Plants

Volume 20, No 2
Iris sp. & Family, Cocculus diversifolius
Invasion of the Land Snatchers
Wild Child: Kids & Plants
Bambi? Or Biodiversity?

Volume 20, No 3
Damiana, Sex & the Fritillary
Monarda fistulosa
Alien Watch: Sapium sebiferum
How Do You Handle a Tough Invasive?

Volume 20, No 4
Nympheae odorata
Palm Trees, Saguaros & Hula Girls
Pairing Native Soil w/ Native Plants
Tallow Tree Effects On Migrating Birds

Volume 20, No 5
Conservation Easement: Gunsight Mountain Ranch
Salvia azurea var. grandiflora
Going Native In Parched Terrain
Invasive Alien Plants
Will We Let Guilt/Fashion Kill Biodiversity?

Volume 20, No 6
Zizania texana, Tillandsia usneoides
Seeking Ground Truth
Defending Your Landscape: Weed Laws

Volume 21, No 1
2002 Symposium review

Volume 21, No 2
Silverbells and snowbells
Book Review: Texas Rivers

Volume 21, No 3
Sabal mexicana
Wildflower watch: prickly poppy

Volume 21, No 4
Damiana, Sex and the Frittillary
Buffalo grass lawns

Volume 21, No 5
Passiflora incarnata
Styrax texana

Volume 21, No 6
Planting palm trees

Volume 22, No 1
A NICE! idea in Boerne
2003 Symposium review

Volume 22, No 2
Benny Simpson on Sumacs
Claytonia virginica

Volume 22, No 3
American basketflower
Living on a gold mine — five years later

Volume 22, No 4
Silverleaf nightshade
Passiflora of Texas

Volume 22, No 5
Agalinis homalantha
Clematis drummondii

Volume 22, No 6
Saw-leaf daisy
Creating a Small Habitat Will Attract Birds