Benny J. Simpson Fellows

The honor of Fellow is conferred upon members in recognition of remarkable service to the Society in advancing our mission. This high honor is granted in belief that special recognition should be given for exceptional and dedicated service at the state or chapter level. This honor recognizes this service and embodies “grass roots” recognition by members.

Selection Criteria and Eligibility

  1. The primary criterion for selection of a recipient for this award is tangible evidence that the exceptional service performed by the nominee is widely effective and generally recognized at the state or chapter level. Sufficient evidence must support the nomination to present a strong case history of continuous contribution and service.
  2. A candidate must have maintained membership for ten years as of December 31 of the preceding year.
  3. No more than one candidate per two thousand members (or parts of two thousand) may receive the Fellow honor in any year. Example: If membership is 4500 than there would be up to three awards in that year. No one may receive more than one Fellow honor in their lifetime.

Process for Selection

  1. Nominations shall open during January each year. The membership will receive a list of those eligible due to the criterion of ten years as a member. The call for nominations will include a link to a nomination form on which the nominators list the nominee’s service accomplishments.
  2. Nominations will be open for no less than 30 days. The Awards Committee will review all
    nominations. Only those with sufficient evidence of service will be sent to the membership for election.
  3. Members will receive a ballot with the nominees and their service record. Members may vote only once, for as many candidates as there are numbers of awards permissible. The election will be open for no less than 30 days.
  4. The Awards Committee and the Executive Director will verify the results and present them to the State Board at the 3Q meeting in August.
  5. Each recipient of the Fellows honor will receive a suitably worded plaque at the annual banquet. A recipient is not required to accept his or her plaque in person although this is certainly preferred. If the plaque is not accepted in person, it may be mailed to the recipient or given in person to a designated substitute.


2023 – Fonda Fox, Deedy Wright, Kathy McCormick, Teresa Maslonka, Lee Marlowe
2022 – Carol Clark, Ilse Meier, Rodney Barton, Fred Zagst
2021 – Josephine Keeney, Randy Pensabene, Veronica Hawk, Kathy Ward
2020 – Liz Moyer, Robert Kamper, Dr. Alfred Richardson
2019 – Bea Caraway, Joan Miller, John Nikolatos
2018 – Marilyn Blanton, Cynthia Maguire, John Siemssen
2017 – Dawn Hancock, Gailon Hardin, Bill Hopkins
2016 – Carol Feldman, Lonnie Childs
2015 – Kathy Lyles, Melissa Miller
2014 – Joan Mukherjee, Sue Wiseman
2013 – Cathy Lustgarten, Suzanne Young
2012 – Ron and Ruth Loper
2011 – Jane Crone, Kathy Galloway
2010 – Cassandra and Peter Loos
2009 – Belinda McCoy, Betty S Dunn
2008 – Kathy Saucier, Dennis and Marilyn Perz
2007 – Suzanne Tuttle, Bill Ward
2006 – Bill Lindemann, David Will
2005 – no award given
2004 – Lottie Milsaps, Agnes Plutino
2003 – Georgia Prakash, Dorothy Thetford
2002 – Mike McBride, Bobby Peiser
2001 – Bill and Jan Neiman
2000 – R.Q. (Jake) Landers, Sharon Odegar
1999 – Bob and Mary Anne Pickens
1998 – Edith Bettinger
1997 – Ann Miller Gonzalez, Carol Kobb
1996 – Dr. Harold Laughlin, Bettye Jane Dodds
1995 – Don Bozeman
1994 – Shirley D. Lusk, Sally Wasowski
1993 – Kay Warmerdam, Vernon L. Wesby