Spread the Word about Invasive Plants

Here are some ideas for spreading the word about invasive plants and their native replacements

Invasive Plant Rack Cards

This rack card is meant to offer chapters, the NICE program, and other groups a way to easily create local, ecoregion-specific information to spread the word about invasive plants and their native alternatives.

Each card includes one invasive plant on the front and up to three native alternatives for that plant on the back. To learn more about the native alternatives, each plant has the QR code to its entry in NPSOT’s native plant database.

Take a look at the sample cards below. These cards can be printed and left at nurseries or other suitable locations. Don’t want to use paper? Upload the PDFs of the completed rack cards to your chapter’s website to share via Facebook, email, and any other digital method you can think of.

This rack card template was created with the free version of Canva, an easy to use graphics design website.

The template design:

  • Front page – picture and information about an invasive plant QR code links to the invasive plant’s information in our invasive plant database.
  • Back page – pictures of up to 3 native alternatives. Each one has a QR code that goes to that plant in our native database.

Learn how to create your own cards:


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Guadalupe Chapter Brochures

These brochures about invasive plants are from the Guadalupe Chapter and Nancy Masterson. They use terms such as “exotics”, but can be adapted to your preferences. These ideas can also be adjusted to your local plants or conditions. They were economically printed on VistaPrint and placed at nurseries. The chapter is active in the NICE program and lists their local participating nurseries, including some that handed out the cards.

Tri-fold or 3 column invasives brochure from 2015 by the Guadalupe and Lindheimer chapters

A foldable wallet card showing invasives and their native replacements