Pollinator Landscaping

Member Recommended Resources

Photo Credit; Claire Sorenson

Many of our members are drawn to native plants because of the butterflies they attract. Below is a list of miscellaneous Monarch and milkweed resources as well as all things butterfly and pollinator gardening. We hope this list serves as a general resource. Be sure to check out the Bring Back the Monarchs to Texas program and the I-35 Waystation program for more information and ways to get involved.

Map of Native Milkweeds and Where They GrowMaps
Milkweed Finder ToolOnline Search Tool
Milkweed A Dinner For Butterfly Royalty - Partial TalkVideo Excerpt
Milkweed A Dinner For Butterfly Royalty - Full TalkVideo
Milkweeds & Monarchs PowerpointPowerpoint view
Milkweeds & Monarchs VideoVimeo video
Cajun Prairie Habitat Preservation Society: Louisiana Milkweeds
Citizen science monitoring demonstrates dramatic declines of monarch butterflies in western North America
St. Julian’s Crossing Flyer
“Transforming Landscapes for Pollinators” (St. Julian’s Crossing) Resources
Monarch Garden Grants
Monarch Joint Venture
Monarch Watch
Texas Wildscapes: A Backyard Wildlife Habitat ProgramHow to create backyard wildlife habitat for butterflies and more!
Key for identification of native milkweed plants
Milkweed: A Conservation Practitioner's Guide
Monarch Watch
Schoolyard Habitat Guide
Butterflies, Moths, & Caterpillars
South Texas butterflies
Butterflies of Houston and Southeast Texas
Planting Instructions for Plant Sale Plants
TPWD An Intro to Butterfly Watching
Inviting Nature Back Home by North Texas Chapter of Texas Master NaturalistA Complete Guide to Updating Your Landscape for Birds, Bees and Butterflies
A Guide to Butterfly Gardens
This table is still a work in progress!