Plant Lists by Ecoregion

These plant lists and our Native Plant Database were developed for the Native Landscape Certification Program (NLCP) for use in the classes taught in that program.

To find plants that will work for your landscape, follow the instructions below to download the appropriate PDF, or visit the Native Plant Database

Plant List Instructions

To get a list of native landscape plants that will work in a certain location, first find that location on one of the area maps. Then download the list corresponding to that area.

To best use these lists pay close attention to the “native region” column on the list. The abbreviations in this column are defined in the footnotes on each list and are correlated to the Level IV eco-regions shown on the maps. In some cases your location may appear on more than one map. In that event you may use any of the lists associated with your area. Lists were created for use in classes for particular events and are not meant to be exhaustive lists of suitable plants for a location.

Area MapPlant List
Austin AreaAustin Area Plant List
Big Bend AreaBig Bend Gardeners Guide
Boerne AreaBoerne Area Plant List
Corpus Christi AreaSouth TX Area Area Plant List
Fredericksburg AreaFredericksburg Area Plant List
Highland Lakes AreaHighland Lakes Area Plant List
Houston AreaGreater Houston Area Plant List
Kerrville AreaKerrville Area Plant List
Conroe Area (Montgomery County)
Greater Houston Area Plant List
New Braunfels Area
New Braunfels Area Plant List
North Central Texas AreaNorth Central TX Area Plant List
Northeast Texas AreaNortheast TX Area Plant List
San Antonio AreaSan Antonio Area Plant List
Williamson County AreaWilliamson County Area Plant List