State Board Awards of Appreciation and Merit

Awards of Appreciation

The Award of Appreciation is given to people for work that furthers our mission.

  • 2023, Claire Sorenson, Stephanie Long, Mark Richert, Karl Hanz, Kate Stykes , Jon Lienhard, for the idea and development of the Native Landscape Plant Database, a searchable database of native plants that may be used in native landscaping for the different ecoregions throughout Texas.
  • 2022, Gary Bowers, Williamson County Chapter, for making the Wilco Chapter a model of efficiency and adaptation during changing times, the chapter’s technology and methods are trailblazing models for others to follow.
  • 2021, Suzanne Tuttle, Deedy Wright, Meg Inglis for developing the Native Landscape Certification Program Class “Stewardship of Native Plant Communities”; and Becca Dickstein for over fifteen years of writing the “NICE Plant of The Season” information sheets for the Trinity Forks Chapter.
  • 2005, Mike McBride and Dar Richardson
  • 1990, Patty Leslie
  • 1990, Andy Wasowski
  • 1987, Jim Holmes
  • 1987, Vernon Wesby
  • 1995, Carol Hendrick
  • 1986, Bettye Jane Dodds
  • 1986, Benny J. Simpson
  • 1983, Billie Thompson
  • 1982, Dr. Kenneth Fry

Native Star Award

The Native Star Award is given to an organization or agency for a specific act of conservation or public service.

  • 2023, Caddo Mounds State Historic Site is recognized for the Snake Woman’s Garden, for a demonstration garden that features native plants that would have been cultivated by the Caddo people for food and medicine.
  • 2022, City of Frisco Urban Forestry, the Blackland Prairie Master Naturalist Chapter, the Lewisville Aquatic Ecosystem Research Facility and Rick and Lisa Travis, for partnership efforts in the rescue of “Asclepias” spp. plants, nurturing and successfully transplanting 300 plants to the Frisco Stewart Creek Wetlands Preserve.
  • 2021, Jamie Ford and CVHS Sky Prairie Students for the transformation of the Carnegie Vanguard High School’s campus’s green roof into a coastal prairie and pollinator garden through work in the Scientific Research and Design course
  • 2020, Cemex Corporation for creation of the Balcones Dry Comal Creek and Wildlife Habitat Center
  • 2019, Marathon Petroleum Corporation for their on-site projects that enhance pollinator and migratory bird habitats
  • 2018, George Ozuna, Olivia Tapia and The Salsa Squad for their work at Medina River Natural Area
  • 2017, Texas Department of Transportation for the Monarch Waystations at the Interstate 35 Safety Rest Areas
  • 2016, Friends of the Tandy Hills Natural Area for sponsoring the Tandy Hills Bioblitz organized by Deborah Young.
  • 2015, Houston Chapter of the Native Prairie Association of Texas and the Bayou Land Conservancy, for their work in preserving Lawther Deer Park Prairie
  • 2014, Friends of the Tandy Hills Natural Area for their Kids on the Prairie program directed by Anne Alderfer.

Digital Media Award

The Digital Media Memorial Award recognizes outstanding digital publications featuring Texas native plants.

  • 2023, Haeley Giambalvo for her website “Native Backyards” which helps folks grow native plants in their yard.  Advice and recommendations provided are easy, friendly, positive, and encouraging which leads to more success in growing native plants.
  • 2022, Tom Lebsack for his website: Texas Wildbuds, a collection of Texas wildflower photos taken around the state with most from Central Texas and Big Bend.
  • 2021, Linda Leinen for the blog “Lagniappe” Images and Incidentals, featuring descriptions and photographs of Texas native plants
  • 2020. Don Young for his blog Prairie Notes
  • 2019, Dr Mark Vorderbruggen for his website Foraging Texas
  • 2018, City of Frisco, Frisco Garden Club, and Molly Kinson for digital publications featuring native plants
  • 2017, Bill Hopkins for ten years as editor of the website
  • 2016, Michael Eason for his Facebook group page Texas Flora
  • 2015, Steven Schwartzman for his photography website Portraits of Wildflowers
  • 2014, Meredith O’Reilly for her blog Great Stems

Honorary Life Membership

  • 1995, Lynn Lowrey
  • 1984, Carroll Abbott

Resolution in Memoriam

  • 1984, Carroll Abbott

Award of Appreciation with Honorary Life Membership

  • 2018, Pam Middleton
  • 2006, Sue Wiseman
  • 2005, Sally and Andy Wasowski
  • 2004, Kate Hillhouse
  • 2003, Dorothy Mattiza
  • 1989, Bettye Jane Dodds
  • 1986, Lady Bird Johnson
  • 1986, Dr. Mary Evelyn Blagg-Huey

Award of Recognition

  • 1988, Benny J. Simpson