Camphor Tree

Cinnamomum camphora

Other Common Names

None for this invasive

Plant Category


Invasive Description

Camphor Tree is native to Japan, China, Taiwan and northern Vietnam. It is a broad-leaved evergreen, growing to 45-90 feet. Its canopy can be twice as wide as its height. The leaves give off a strong camphor odor when crushed, making it easy to identify.

Ecological Threat

Camphor Tree can spread rapidly, infesting forests and displacing native trees. Its fruits, leaves, and roots are toxic to humans in large doses and may affect respiration or cause convulsions.

How to Eradicate

For information on how to eradicate this invasive, view our statement on herbicide use and preferred alternatives for invasive plants.

Native Alternatives

You can replace this invasive plant with native alternatives. Here are some plants that make superior replacements.

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