Cherokee Rose

Rosa laevigata

Other Common Names

None for this invasive

Plant Category

Shrub, Vine

Invasive Description

Cherokee Rose is native to southern China and Taiwan, south to Laos and Vietnam. It is an erect, clump-forming, vining evergreen shrub to 10 feet tall or wide. It has pinnately compound leaves, frequent recurved and straight thorns, clustered or single white flowers in early summer, and red rose hips in fall to winter.

Ecological Threat

Cherokee Rose is an evergreen vine that climbs over other vegetation, forming impenetrable entanglements that hinder land use and management, and smothering native vegetation. Thorny canes impede passage.

How to Eradicate

For information on how to eradicate this invasive, view our statement on herbicide use and preferred alternatives for invasive plants.

Native Alternatives

You can replace this invasive plant with native alternatives. Here are some plants that make superior replacements.

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