Brazilian Vervain

Verbena brasiliensis

Other Common Names

None for this invasive

Plant Category

Annual, Perennial

Invasive Description

Brazilian Vervain, native to South America, is an herbaceous annual, short-lived perennial that grows to 6 feet high. Small purple flowers appear in late spring and summer. The plant produces many tiny seeds.

Ecological Threat

Introduced to the United States as an ornamental, Brazilian Vervain may threaten native plants species by displacing them. It is considered a significant invasive species of the mid-south United States and is prohibited on National Forest System lands of the United States.

How to Eradicate

For information on how to eradicate this invasive, view our statement on herbicide use and preferred alternatives for invasive plants.

Native Alternatives

You can replace this invasive plant with native alternatives. Here are some plants that make superior replacements.

Match your location on the Texas map to the color squares on the replacement plants below to find suitable replacements for your ecoregion.

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