NLCP to offer Spanish language materials

The Steering Committee for the Native Landscape Certification Program wants to make its program more accessible to Spanish-speaking people. As a first step toward this goal they are seeking to make some materials available in Spanish for the Level 1 class in the San Antonio area. The committee is seeking outside help to attain this goal.

Level 1 is the introductory class for the certification offered by the Native Landscape Certification Program (NLCP) and the NLCP Steering Committee is the group that oversees the program, including scheduling classes and creating content for the classes. The content of the Level 1 class varies by ecoregion. Currently the Level 1 class being offered in the San Antonio region is the one most popular with Spanish speakers. That class is a logical first step for this project. The materials needed for translation are the class test and the handouts provided to all registrants to take home.

A translator should have taken a Level 1 class, although not necessarily the one in San Antonio. The committee can make this class available to a translator who has not already taken it.  They should also be familiar with colloquial Spanish and names of plants.

Prospective translator candidates should send a reply indicating their interest, along with qualifications and requirements. Address replies to