Jake Mowrer

Dr. Jake Mowrer is a soil chemist with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. He works with all aspects of soil management where growing plants is the goal. His research focus is on the intersection of crop and native plant management for soil carbon sequestration and best use of soil and fertilizer nutrients to provide benefits to water resources and mitigate climate change. His Extension work includes outreach to the farming community, master gardeners, master naturalists, and other groups around the state on soil and water resource stewardship. Jake holds a Masters and a PhD from the the University of Georgia in soil chemistry / soil fertility. Before joining Texas A&M he held jobs as a chicken farmer, chef of French cuisine, carpenter, and environmental analysis laboratory manager. In his spare time he enjoys cooking healthy meals and playing jazz guitar and mandolin around the College Station area

College Station, TX, USA

NPSOT, Texas AgriLife Extension

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