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Native Plant Society of Texas

May 1987 – October 1990 Patty Leslie

Volume 5, No 3
Attracting Birds
Collecting Native Plants: Contributing to Demise?
Exploring for Native Plants

Volume 5, No 4
White Bladderpod
Propation/Transplantation: Arbutus xalapensis
Searching Sands: Callirhoe scabriuscula
LBJ National grassland

Volume 5, No 5
Wildflower seed hay

Volume 5, No 6
Disappearance of Tobusch Fishhook Cactus
Salvia penstemonoides

Volume 6, No 1
Wildflowers in a small garden
Silphium sp.

Volume 6, No 2
Plant Rustling in State Parks
Chihuahuan Desert Visitor Center

Volume 6, No 3
Red, White and Blue-Bonnets
Collecting Gone Wild

Volume 6, No 4
Texas Grassland & Prairies Report
Mexican Buckeye
Prickly Pear Jelly

Volume 6, No 5
Killer Veggies: Plants of Prey

Volume 6, No 6
Keys to the Kingdom: Botany for Laypersons

Volume 7, No 1
Texas Cacti
The Chihuahuan Woods

Volume 7, No 2
Texas Barrel Cacti
Three Native Edible “Spinaches”

Volume 7, No 3
On Ballmoss – Tillandsia recurvata

Volume 7, No 4
Our Native Bamboo: Arundinaria gigantea
Germinating Native Cactus Seeds
Perennials for Texas Landscapes

Volume 7, No 5
Planting for the Birds

Volume 7, No 6
Stratifying Seeds

Volume 8, No 1
Oak Wilt in Texas
Plant Alert: Wild Collected Orchids
Hardwood cuttings

Volume 8, No 2
Creating a Butterfly Garden

Volume 8, No 3
Trees for Texas
Sweetspire: Itea sp.
Knox City Plant Materials Center

Volume 8, No 4
Texas Native Palms North of the Rio Grande
Threatened Hinckley Oak
Texas Needs Plant Plan

Volume 8, No 5
Guayule–Texas Rubber Plant
Save a Wild Texas Native