November 1990 – October 1994 Melinda Larsen

Volume 8, No 6
Qué Es Mas Macho?
Wild Collecting Endangered Natives
Propagation Notes: Eustoma grandiflorum
Endangered Species & Austin, Texas

Volume 9, No 1
Mix It Up When Landscaping!
Ecology, Horticulture, & Native Plant Landscaping
Propagation Notes: Tagetes sp.

Volume 9, No 2
Tenth Anniversary
Wildflowers on the Cotton Belt Railroad
Collecting Botanical Specimens
Propagation Notes: Witch Hazel/Purple Coneflower

Volume 9, No 3
The Strawberry Bush, A Native of Merit
Lupinus sp.: History of State Flower Designation
Propagation Notes: Podophyllum peltatum

Volume 9, No 4
Wounds, Pruning & Oak Wilt Control
Native Plants to Assist in Eradication of Hemp Broomrape
Mounting Plant Specimens
Propagation Notes: Common Persimmon/Mexican Persimmon

Volume 9, No 5
Prairie Management: Key to Survival
Hummingbird Habitat
Buffalo Grass & Blue Grama: Lawn Alternatives
Propagation Notes: Quercus macrocarpa

Volume 9, No 6
On the Trail of the Silky Camellia
“Fallout” Habitat for Neotropical Migratory Birds
Aquatic Plants: Helpful Hints
Propagation Notes: Native Grasses

Volume 10, No 1
Amy Shelton McNutt Memorial
Toward a Healthy Soil
Propagation Notes: Pecan Tree/Wax Myrtle

Volume 10, No 2
Spring Wildflowers
Propagation Notes: Dwarf Palmetto/Mexican Palm

Volume 10, No 3
A Tale of Two Cypresses: Bald & Montezuma Cypress
Long Term Rest Does Not Help Plant Diversity
Propagation Notes: Bald Cypress/Mesquite

Volume 10, No 4
What’s In a Name: Plant Taxonomy
Caution: Oak Wilt Micro Injections
Wildflowers In Your Landscape

Volume 10, No 5
Leave It to Sumac for State’s Fall Color
Successful Seed Collecting Tips for Natives
Viewpoint: Biodiversity & Endangered Species Act

Volume 10, No 6
Planning an Environmentally Appropriate Landscape
Celestial Symbols in Botanical Books
Tips: Fall Landscape Maintenance
Webworms & Wasps

Volume 11, No 1
Annual Meeting News
Texas Bamboo

Volume 11, No 2
The Role of the Botanical Garden
Landscaping for the Highway

Volume 11, No 3
The Rolling Plains in Flower
Coastal Region’s Plant Lists
Palo Duro Floral Loop

Volume 11, No 4
Micropropagation of Native Plants
Arbutus xalapensis (Texas Madrone)
The Healing Power of Nature

Volume 11, No 5
Bear Grass & the Yucca Moth
Southline Equipment Company’s Native Garden

Volume 11, No 6
Creating a Border…Texas Style
Site Protection During Construction

Volume 12, No 1
Lesson From My Garden
Friedrich Wilderness Park

Volume 12, No 2
Spring West of the Pecos
View From the Nursery: Interview w/ Terry Tate

Volume 12, No 3
Sedges for the Landscape
Destination Corpus Christi
Cyrilla racemiflora

Volume 12, No 4
Carroll Abbott Memorial
Creating a Wildlife Habitat
Anisacanthus wrightii

Volume 12, No 5
Ferns are Naturally Different
Reflections on Backyard Diversity
Lobelia cardinalis