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Native Plant Society of Texas

November 1995 – October 1997 Bill Bisbee

Volume 13, No 6
Native Plants for Suburbia
Seedlings: A Tall Grass Meadow

Volume 14, No 1
A Garden of Inspiration
Forsellia: Herald of the Spring
Beginnings of the Society
Leucaena retusa
Solutions to Wetland Mitigation/Preservation
Native Plant Research at Universities
Wildscape Demo Garden

Volume 14, No 2
Strangers In a Strange Land
Marsh Restoration In Galveston Bay
Dalea formosa
Native Plant Research at Baylor U.
Role of Botanical Garden in Plant Conservation
Callirhoe scabriuscula

Volume 14, No 3
Viva El Paso!
Ugly Shrubs Get No Respect
Mary Jo Laughlin Memorial
Amorpha fruticosa
Container Production of Native Trees for Urban/Suburban Landscapes
Growing Wild: State Pilot Program
Phlox drummondii

Volume 14, No 4
Native Plants of El Paso
John Riddell, Naturalist
Gilia rigidula
Outdoor Classrooms
Focus: Center for Plant Conservation
A Desert Oasis
Eustoma grandiflorum

Volume 14, No 5
The Chihuahuan Desert, Right?
Demo Gardens on Property Controlled by Others
Is Your Chapter Wilting?
Community Partnerships for Native Plants
Early Naturalists
Centaurea americana
Solidago canadensis var. scabra

Volume 14, No 6
Early Naturalists – Part II
Creating Your Own Wildlife Habitat
Thelesperma megapotamicum
Focus: SFA Arboretum
Spiranthes cernua

Volume 15, No 1
Legumes of Rio Grande Plains
Kidscapes at Houston Zoo
Smilax smallii, Taraxacum officinale
Ornamental Native Grasses
How Plant Distribution Relates to Geology
Conservation: Hibiscus dasycalyx

Volume 15, No 2
Benny Simpson Memorial
More Geologic Comments
Natural Predator Control
Sassafras albidum, Oenothera speciosa
Ornamental Native Grasses

Volume 15, No 3
Brush Up on the Brush Country
Texas In Bloom!
Environmental Partnering
The Hunt for Chisos Red Oak
Lycium berlandieri, Ipomopsis rubra

Volume 15, No 4
Yucca torreyi, Ipomoea trichocarpa
Landscaping w/ Natives
Water-wise Landscaping
Group Activities: Spread the Word
Ecological Restoration
Greenbelts Along TX Highways?

Volume 15, No 5
Lynn Lowrey Memorial
What’s In a Successful Nursery?
How Do You Measure Success?
Euphorbia bicolor