November 1997 – April 1999 Pat Ploegsma


Volume 15, No 6
Profile: Carroll Abbott
Living On Earth
Flora of Texas Project

Volume 16, No 1
Living On a Gold Mine…
Mulch w/ Leaves
Landscaping w/ Natives
Prosopis glandulosa, Nothoscordum bivalve

Volume 16, No 2
Development Sprawl
Atriplex canescens, Verbesina virginica, Chilopsis linearis
Native Plants for State Buildings
Native Flowering Trees
Research at Texas Tech U.
Coreopsis tinctoria

Volume 16, No 3
Teaching Tools for Local Chapters
Landscaping & Color Theory
Native Plants In Your Landscape
Evaluation of Native TX Wildflowers
The Llano Landscape
Opuntia leptocaulis,Rhamnus caroliniana, Baptisia sphaerocarpa

Volume 16, No 4
Hesperaloe parviflora, Ziziphus obtusifolia, Gaillardia pulchella
Oak Wilt & Wound Painting
Research: Native Grapes at Texas Tech
Palo Duro Canyon

Volume 16, No 5
Myths of Landscaping
Letters in response: Hesperaloe parviflora
Research: Oak Wilt & Wound Painting
Taxodium mucronatum, Helianthus annuus

Volume 16, No 6
Profile: Mary Motz Wills
Menodora longiflora, Callicarpa americana
Botanical Nomenclature
Barton Warnock Memorial
One Way Streets
By the Light of the Moon

Volume 17, No 1
Environmental Restoration
Ephedra antisyphilitica, Erigeron philadelphicus
Landscape Use of Native Shrubs
Seeds of Texas Seed Exchange

Volume 17, No 2
Searching for Sabal mexicana
Taxodium distichum, Arundinaria gigantea
Thamnosma sp., Sarracenia alata

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