Summer 2017 to Winter 2019 Heidi Gigler Roure

Native Plant Society of Texas News

Editor Heidi Gigler Roure

Volume 35, No. 3
Botanizing in Texas, Part 1
Enchanted Rock, A Natural and Human History
Mexican Hat
Remembering Shirley Lusk

Volume 35, No. 4
Botanizing in Texas, Part 2
Book Review

Volume 36, No. 1
A Window into the Southern High Plains Native Flora
Book Review: Common Rangeland Plants of West Central Texas
Celebrating Winter Evergreens

Volume 36, No. 2
Your Remarkable Riparian
Wimberley Valley Flood Recovery
Blooms of Spring

Volume 36, No. 3
New Ventures – BBMT
Summer Travel

Volume 36, No. 4
Recreational Foraging
Meet Neal Hinders
Book Review: Native Host Plants for Texas Butterflies

Volume 37, No. 1
Flowering Plants of Trans-Pecos Texas and Adjacent Areas
Muhlenberg and His Grasses
The Restored River Basin

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