Native Plant Table

This table is meant for more advanced users looking to generate CSV or XLSX files. For a more user-friendly version with images and descriptions of plants, visit the Native Plant Database.


Quick filters at top of table

Use the fields and buttons at the top of the table to quickly search by size. 

Click the “Low Water” button to filter down to all plants that don’t need much water. 

Clear button

Click the “Clear Filters” button to clear all selections and start over.

Column headers

  • Resize the columns by dragging column separators to the right
  • Sort the table by the column header
  • Type search criteria into the column
  • Click the 3 vertical dots to hide/show columns

Export CSV or XLSX

Once you have the table filtered to your liking, scroll down to see the download buttons. Click the button to download a CSV or XLSX file.

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