Boerne Chapter


Article I. Name

The name of the society will be the Native Plant Society of Texas – Boerne Chapter.

Article II. Purpose of Chapter

The purpose of the Boerne Chapter will be to promote understanding, preservation, and enjoyment
of the native flora of Texas.

Article III. Membership

Section 1. Any person, family, or group that is a member of the Native Plant Society of Texas is eligible for membership in the Boerne Chapter, and to be a member of the Boerne Chapter, any person, family, or group must be a member of the State Society.

Section 2. Membership dues are fixed by the State Society and are payable to the State Society on the anniversary of the membership.

Section 3. Each member is entitled to one vote on any question requiring a vote of the general membership.

Article IV. Chapter Officers

Section 1. The officers of the Boerne Chapter will be President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The officers will be elected for a one-year term and serve no more than two consecutive terms in one office, unless permitted to do so by a vote of the membership. All terms begin in October, immediately following the election of officers at the October meeting.

Section 2.These officers plus the Immediate Past President, chairpersons of standing committees, Newsletter Editor, Historian, and Publicity Liaison will be known as the Executive Board. The chairpersons of standing and special committees, Newsletter Editor, Historian, and Publicity Liaison are appointed by the President and may serve for more than two consecutive years at the discretion of the President and Executive Board.

Article V. Monthly Meetings

Section 1. The Executive Board will decide the date, time, and place of monthly meetings and notify the membership of their decision. At least ten monthly meetings will be held per year. Meetings may include lectures, field trips, and social functions.

Section 2. The President will decide the date, time, and place of monthly meetings of the Executive Board. Voting members of the Executive Board will be President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past President. Non-voting members will be presidential appointees and chairpersons of standing and special committees. Officers may vote by proxy by sending a signed note or E-mail letter authorizing another officer to cast this vote. A quorum will consist of at least four voting members of the Executive Board, including those voting by proxy. No business requiring a decision by the Board will be conducted without a quorum.

Article VI. Duties of Officers

Section 1. President
The President will preside at the general meetings and at the board meetings, will appoint all committee chairpersons not otherwise provided for in these bylaws, will be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee, and will have supervision of the affairs of the chapter.

Section 2. President-Elect
A. The President-Elect will exercise the functions of the President during any absences or disability of the President and may be assigned special duties by the President.
B. The President-Elect will help to define and implement short- and long-range plans for the Chapter.

Section 3. Vice President
A. The Vice President will exercise the function of the President during any absences or disability of both the President and President-Elect.
B. The Vice President will act as Program Chairperson.

Section 4. Secretary
A. The Secretary will record the proceeding of meetings as well as special events and will be responsible for necessary correspondence and will house the collection of the minutes and all previous
years’ official records of the Chapter.
B. The Secretary will keep a chapter member roster, which includes names, addresses, and telephone numbers.
C. The Secretary will keep a copy of the by-laws and record the date of any changes that are made.
A copy of the current by-laws should be available at all times and be passed on to the new Secretary along with all other records.

Section 5. Treasurer
A. The Treasurer will keep a correct account of receipts and disbursements and render a
financial statement to the State Society quarterly and to the Executive Board when it meets. Special
reports may occasionally be requested by the Executive Board, President, or the State Society.
B. The Treasurer, with the assistance of the President, will open a bank account. All Chapter
money will be kept in this account.
C. Both the Treasurer’s signature and the President’s signature will be needed to disperse funds.

Article VII. Standing and Special Committees

Section 1. Historian
A. The Historian will be appointed by the President. The Historian may select others to assist
as needed.
B. Duties: The Historian will keep a history of the Boerne Chapter from the beginnings to the
present and will obtain a copy of the annual chapter report for the history book.

Section 2. Newsletter Editor
A. The Newsletter Editor will be appointed by the President. The Newsletter Editor may select
others to assist as needed.
B. Duties: The Newsletter Editor will publish a monthly newsletter and send to all members, either by email, through the NPSOT website, or by mail.

Section 3.
A. The Publicity Liaison will be appointed by the President.
B. Duties: The Publicity Liaison will be responsible for public relations, press releases, and
for developing media and organizational contacts.

Section 4. Standing Committees
The President may appoint standing committees as needed.

Article VIII. Election of Officers

Section 1. Nominating Committee
A. The President will appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of three or more members.
B. The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of officers at a general meeting at least thirty
days prior to elections. This slate may contain one or more names for each office.
C. At that same general meeting the President will ask for further nominations from the
floor, after which the nominations shall be closed.

Section 2. Elections
A. Elections will be held at the October meeting and may be by ballot if there is more than one nominee for any office.
B. The elected officers will take Office immediately following the election.

Article IX. Parliamentary Authority

The parliamentary authority for these by-laws is Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, except
where specifically stated otherwise in these by-laws. Members may refer to these rules or the State bylaws for further information.

Article X. Changing By-Laws

These by-laws may he amended by a two thirds vote of members present and voting at a general meeting after notice of the proposed changes has been presented to the membership at least thirty days in advance.

Article XI. Cooperation with NPSOT

The Boerne Chapter will work in accord with the Native Plant Society of Texas and comply with the
State Society by-laws.

Article XII. Dissolution of Chapter

In order to dissolve the Boerne Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas, a resolution should
be prepared, such as: “Resolved, that the Boerne Chapter be dissolved as of (insert date).” This
resolution may be preceded by a preamble setting forth the reasons for the dissolution. It is, in effect, a
motion to rescind the by-laws, and, therefore requires the same notice and vote to amend them.
The required notice should be sent by mail to all members thirty (30) days before a vote is taken. In
the event that the Chapter is dissolved, the Treasurer will pay all outstanding bills and any other expenses of the Chapter and turn all remaining money over to the Treasurer of the Native Plant Society of Texas. The Chapter Treasurer will place a receipt for this money in his/her files, and place a copy of the receipt in the Secretary’s minutes, which will with all other files be sent to the State Society’s office.