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Guadalupe NICE Nursery Partners

[ Natives Improve & Conserve Environments]

Texas is a large, diverse state, so plants that thrive in one region may not be the best choices elsewhere. And imported plants are never the answer: they require more care and water, and often our birds, bugs and butterflies don’t even recognize them as food. The Native Plant Society of Texas created Operation NICE to help gardeners find native plants that work best in specific environments.

Our NICE committee designs easy to maintain ornamental gardens that show off the beauty of our Texas native plants, and also attract and feed our wonderful native birds and butterflies.  Being indigenous to our immediate area, once planted, these gardens are a snap to maintain.  Our partner nurseries (listed below) try to maintain the plants in stock.

NICE promotes these gardens and the plants in them through this website, newspaper and magazine articles, signs and displays at points of sale, and through public speaking engagements. Check the ‘Garden Plans’ tab in this section to see the gardens the committee has designed so far.

NICE recommended plants may be found at:

Maldonado Garden Center – 3011 US Hwy 90 West, Seguin – 830- 372-3879
The Green Gate – 990 South SH 123, Seguin – 830-372-4060

Green Jay Gardens – 100 Elm Grove Rd and HWY 46, Seguin – 830-433-4040