New Braunfels Chapter

Conservation Plaza Butterfly Garden

The New Braunfels NPSOT chapter and The Conservation Society planted a garden with both butterfly host plants and nectar plants. The Conservation Society prepared the beds and Gail Groves of the NB chapter planned the garden. The planting began in March 2022 with many volunteers from the NB chapter. Fortunately Joy Rehler Marks and Leanne Courtney of the Conservation Society volunteered to keep the young garden watered until the native plants became established. They did their job well and the garden not only survived the hot, dry summer of 2022, it thrived. Be sure and check out this charming native plant butterfly and pollinator garden.

Here is a photo timeline of the garden.

A full list of the garden plants:

Plant common nameScientific nameHost, Nectar, and/or habitat plantIf host, butterfly type
Antelope-hornsMilkweedAsclepias asperulaHost, NectarMonarch, Queen
Autumn SageSalvia GreggiiNectarNA
Blackfoot DaisyMelampodium leucanthumNectarNA
Cowpen DaisyVerbesina encelioidesHost, NectarBordered Patch
Crucita/ Blue mistflowerChromolaena odorataHost, NectarRounded Metalmark
DamianitaChrysactinia mexicanaNectar, HabitatNA
Fall Obedient PlantPhysostegia virginianaNectarNA
Four-nerve DaisyTetraneuris scaposaNectarNA
Flame AcanthusAnisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightiiHost, NectarJanais Patch, Texan Crescent
FrogfruitPhyla nodifloraHost, NectarPhaon crescent, Buckeye, White Peacock
GoldenrodSolidago altissimaNectarNA
Gulf MuhlyMuhlenbergia capillarisHabitatNA
Indian blanketGaillardia pulchellaNectarNA
Mealy blue sageSalvia farinaceaNectarNA
Prairie VerbenaGlandularia bipinnatifidaNectarNA
Puppy dog earsSenna lindheimerianaHost, NectarSleepy Orange, other Sulphur butterflies
Rock rosePavonia lasiopetalaNectarNA
Skeleton-leaf GoldeneyeViguiera stenolobaNectarNA
Standing CypressIpomopsis rubraNectarNA
Texas Indian MallowAbutilon fruticosumHost, NectarSeveral Skipper butterflies
Texas LantanaLantana urticoidesNectarNA
Woolly StemodiaStemodia lanataHabitatNA
ZexmeniaWedelia texanaHost, NectarBordered Patch
Zizotes milkweedAsclepias oenotheroidesHost, NectarMonarch

Resources: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Plant Database; Native Host Plants for Texas Butterflies by Weber,Weber, & Wauer; Kaufman Field Guide to butterflies of North America; Butterfly Gardening by Hurwitz

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