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H-E-B native plants on sale

We are beyond excited at the response to our latest collaboration with H-E-B to get native plants to their stores and to the larger Texas community. To the best of

Chapter Meeting

Deedy Wright’s Resources for the Austin Area

Our chapter was fortunate to have Deedy Wright speak to us about invasive plants and better native alternatives, and about how to use natives effectively and successfully in your landscape.

plant with a white cluster of blooms
Plants of the Month

April 2024 Plant of the Month

This spring has been a very good time for our most common milkweed.Click on the plant below for more details


Austin NPSOT Grant Award

As a 501(c)(3) organization the Native Plant Society of Texas 2023 awarded Austin one of five $700 grants through the NPSOT State Conservation Partner Grant initiative. Our grant will support

Crossvine, Bignonia capreolata
Plants of the Month

December 2023 Plants of the Month

As winter begins these evergreens continue to show their beauty and resilience.Click on the plants below for more details


South Austin Plant Rescue

Capital Area and Balcones Canyonlands Master Naturalists and the Native Plant Society of Texas Austin are running a native plant rescue program! Register for our inaugural plant rescue this weekend


More Funding for Texas Parks

Ballots have been tallied and voters have made it clear—state parks matter to the people of Texas! Proposition 14, which creates the Centennial Parks Conservation Fund, passed with overwhelming support