Cherie Colburn

A professional landscape designer and native Texan, Cherie has designed hundreds of low-maintenance commercial and residential landscape designs since 1994 through her company, Nature’s Tapestry.

She’s also helped create schoolyard gardens and habitats throughout Texas. As a garden writer, she’s authored traditionally published books for both children and adults while also contributing more than 100 magazine and newspaper articles over the last four decades. She shares her passion for stewardship of creation with groups across the nation, as well as on television, radio, and podcasts. Cherie’s gardening blog – Garden Dishes – was named by PBS’ Central Texas Gardener as a favorite.

In her spare time, you can find Cherie singing and gardening – often simultaneously – at her home or church in The Woodlands where she feels confident she’s proven the theory that singing to plants makes them grow faster. Or, maybe that it only works on native plants and noxious weeds!

The Woodlands, TX, USA

NPSOT, Society of Children's Book Authors and Writers

Presentations Offered:

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