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Native Plants That Help Soak Up the Rain: May 28, 2024

“It’s very exciting to see more people interested in revitalizing our Texas waterways and natural habitat by installing a rain garden in their small yards or larger properties,” said Shannon Brown, speaker at the May 28 Fredericksburg chapter NPSOT meeting and founder of Ecosystem Regeneration Artisans (ERA) Landscapes. “Rain gardens and native plant landscapes have different growing habits and care needs than traditional plants and lawns, and it’s important to plant the right natives so they’ll thrive and require less work.”

Paula Stone sitting at her design table with plans and books.

April 23, “Get Real” Garden Design with Native Plants: View on YouTube

“I’ll show you practical ways to build gardens that will enhance your property and be less work as time goes by,” noted Paula Stone. “I once heard someone say that, ‘The gardening should get easier as the gardener gets older.’”

Paula Stone, Vice President of the Fredericksburg Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas, will share her extensive knowledge about landscape design using native Texas plants on April 23 from 6:30-8 p.m. at St. Joseph’s Halle, Fredericksburg.


Esperanza – a N.I.C.E. spring plant and Texas SuperStar

Esperanza, also known as “yellow bells” and “yellow trumpet,” is a native shrub with a tropical feel. Call it eye candy for your summer landscape – if you get it planted during the spring! Planted in the spring, they will have months of our warm weather for root growth before the first hard freeze.


Explore the Fredericksburg Nature Center

Catch a vision of how to view the areas of your garden. Through technical difficulties we didn’t manage to create a YouTube video, but we did capture a phone video. Create your own Nature Center with all you can glean from this exploration.

Discover Friends of the Fredericksburg Nature Center

“I’m excited to talk about the Fredericksburg Nature Center and the Friends’ plans to construct an Interpretive Center at the park, which will include a meeting venue, educational programming space, exhibits, expanded native plant gardens, and a children’s play area,” noted Lonnie Childs, the October speaker for the chapter monthly meeting. “The new Interpretive Center will be a center for environmental education with a specific emphasis on children.”