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Native Plant Society of Texas

Cross Timbers Chapter

NICE! / Native Plant Partners

Operation NICE! or simply the NICE! program is a collaboration between Native Plant Society of Texas chapters and local nurseries to offer natives that are right for our ecoregion. Participating nurseries feature our chosen plant of the season with provided displays and an information sheet with care and planting instructions.

The name for the nurseries participating in Operation NICE! is Native Plant Partners. The intent of the partnerships is to create new markets for native plants by increasing both supply and demand. Participating nurseries increase supply when they agree to provide the featured plants for sale and the chapters create demand for the plants by providing publicity and educational displays.

We want to introduce and encourage the use of beautiful and durable native plants in our landscapes. Native plants, defined as those that existed here without human introduction, are disappearing at an alarming rate due to human activities, such as urban development, agribusiness and the introduction of invasive species. The loss of native plant communities has reduced wildlife habitat and the genetic diversity necessary for balanced ecosystems. Unlike many non-native plants, native plants introduced into landscape plantings are hardy, less susceptible to pests and diseases and unlikely to escape and become problems. With properly selected native plants, it may not be necessary to modify soil characteristics at all to have thriving gardens. The great variety of plants native to any region give gardeners options that work well in any type of garden design. Because maintaining native plants requires less work, they provide excellent choices for large commercial landscapes as well as residential gardens.

Call or visit one of our nursery partners listed below to ask about the plant of the season.

Participating  nurseries in the Cross Timbers ecoregion

Archie’s Gardenland 
6700 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Fort Worth, 76116

EcoBlossom Nursery 
Online shop with delivery  – Contact Anna Hurst
(817) 720-5970

Weston Gardens in Bloom
8101 Anglin Drive, Fort Worth, 76140
(817) 572-0549

Stegall’s Nursery
5652 Wilson Road, Fort Worth, 76140
(817) 483-0682

Marshall Grain Garden Center
3525 William D Tate Ave., Grapevine, 76051
(817) 416-6600

Queen Bees Garden
200 E Main Street, Azle, 76020
(817) 444-2400