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Native Plant Society of Texas

Book Review

Inviting Pollinators and Other Wildlife Into Your Garden

Inviting Pollinators and Other Wildlife Into Your Garden is not only a how- to on building natural habitats for native wildlife, but is also a complete guide. Author Shaun McCoshum takes us on a journey from the beginning stages of planning, to the final stages of planting and building. This book includes a plethora of detail and information. Readers new to native landscaping can accomplish their goal of creating a space for all native species to enjoy and to thrive.

This book gives a clear understanding of not only how to invite wildlife into your yard, but going along with the idea of Douglas Tallamy’s Homegrown National Park, ensures there is an understanding by the reader of what wildlife needs to continue to live and thrive in the yard. One surprising aspect of this book is the happy medium to the never ending battle with neighbors and homeowner’s associations. The author includes suggestions that are sure to keep both sides of the fence in agreement on aesthetically pleasing ways to include natives.

McCoshum’s obvious love of pollinators shows. His passion for bees comes through by way of his in- depth explanations of species, habitat loss and needs, host plants, invasive species and the much needed call for more research in this area by entomologists, and citizen scientists.

Inviting Pollinators and Other Wildlife Into Your Garden includes images and visual examples of landscaping ideas. Readers should be aware this is not a Texas specific book. It is a more inclusive volume, including both West and East coast native wildlife species, flora and landscapes.

Overall, Shaun McCulum’s book is an informative guide that promotes habitat creating, native planting, water conservation and doing all we can to preserve the lives of our precious wildlife and pollinators. Not to mention the endearing herps! I would recommend anyone interested in promoting the health of the planet and ourselves, to read Inviting Pollinators and Other Wildlife Into Your Garden.