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February 2023 Meeting – Ned Fritz: The Original Native Plant Advocate


Ned Fritz: The Original Native Plant Advocate, a talk given by Amy Martin & Kristi Kerr Leonard, for the Ned Fritz Legacy

February 20 Monday, 6:30 to 8 pm, talk appx. 7 pm.
This meeting will be held in person and available via zoom.
Our presenters will be with us via zoom.
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Meeting ID: 822 6763 9462
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Ned Fritz at Texas Buckeye Grove
Ned Fritz at Texas Buckeye Grove that he discovered.

Lawyer and activist Ned Fritz was responsible for three of Texas most important nature groups, a savior of East Texas forests by establishing five wilderness areas and the Big Thicket National Preserve, and the leader who kept the Trinity River from being straightened and turned into an industrial barge canal. He was also the first in the state, and possibly the nation, to garner huge news headlines in defense of native plants. For this he was given the Charles Leonard Weddle Memorial Award in 2000 from Native Plant Society of Texas.

Ned and Genie Fritz had purchased land off Bachman Creek in 1952 and built a home. He kept the yard wild like a prairie. But as the street gentrified, not all neighbors approved. In 1970, the city weed inspector was called and called and called. Each time, Ned beat it back on technicalities. The city threatened to take him to court. What a mistake that was. The trial, called Great Weed War, gained nationwide press. Learn how he won. Presented by the team creating Ned Fritz Legacy [], a biographical website about Ned.

Fritz home on Cochran Chapel. Photo by Beth Johnson
Fritz home on Cochran Chapel.
Photo by Beth Johnson

Amy Martin: researcher/writer
At the age of 23, Amy won an award from Ned’s Texas Committee on Natural Resources. It inspired her to become a professional journalist, and she has enjoyed a 45-year career writing for local and national publications. She is currently senior features writer for GreenSourceDFW. Her third book, Wild DFW: Explore the Amazing Nature Around Dallas-Fort Worth [], will be published in late summer 2023 by Timber Press. Website:

Kristi Kerr Leonard: project manager/fundraiser
Kristi leads restoration efforts on the Ned and Genie Fritz Texas Buckeye Trails [] in the Great Trinity Forest. After receiving an MBA from the American School of International Business, Kristi enjoyed a long career at The Richard’s Group advertising agency. She now uses her business skills to manage estates of high-net-worth individuals and serves as marketing director for C3 Financial Services and The Bottoms Group. Website: