North Central Chapter

The Butterfly Garden at Fielder House

Lead: Josephine Keeney

For more details, visit the Fielder House website

The butterfly garden at Fielder House was started in 2006 and continues to be a work in progress on behalf of the North Central Chapter of the Texas Native Plant Society, the Arlington Organic Gardening Club, and the Cross Timbers Master Naturalists. All work is being performed by dedicated volunteers. The garden is open during daylight hours and is free! The goal is to have a garden made up of 100% Texas native plants that will provide host and nectar food for as many local caterpillars and butterflies as possible. It has been estimated that only 2% of all eggs laid by butterflies reach adulthood due to predators, disease, insecticides and lack of native habitat. In order to increase their numbers we are also raising butterflies indoors, then they are release them in the garden. Usually in the summer months, butterfly garden tours are scheduled and presentations on how you can raise butterflies in your landscape and identify caterpillars to raise indoors to later release into your landscape when they mature into butterflies.