Dallas Chapter

NPSOT Dallas March 18, 2024 meeting with Dusty Rhoads:  “Prairie in Your Pocket – How Folks Can Restore the Texas Horned Lizard with Native Plants”

Horny Toad and Ant friend.
Dusty Rhoads with darn cute Horny Toad and student.
Many folks remember seeing Horned Lizards (aka “Horny Toads”) in bygone decades, including here in Dallas. This talk explores how everyday Texans can use native plants to link, increase, improve, and create populations, habitat, & food webs for the prosperity and “comeback” of the Texas Horned Lizard. 
Dusty Rhoads is a writer, biologist, and environmental restorationist. For the past two years, he’s worked for Native American Seed, and he is the co-creator of Rehorning Texas—a consulting business that helps landowners restore Texas Horned Lizards and their habitat. Dusty is also a founding board member of the Texas Lobo Coalition, an organization that seeks to restore wild wolves to the Texas landscape.