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Native Plant Society of Texas

May 1984 – April 1987 Manuel Florez

While Manuel Flores was editor for a contest was held to select a logo for the magazine. A design featuring the prairie coneflower was chosen.

The society held a contest in the 80s to select a logo for the magazine, and they chose a design featuring the prairie coneflower.

Volume 2, No. 3
Preservation of Texas Natural Areas

Volume 2 , No. 4
Hot Bloomers: Malvaceae species
Population Documentation: Paronychia sp.
Native Prairies of North Texas
Texas First Botanist: Edwin James

Volume 2 , No. 5
Carroll Abbott Memorial: 1926-1984
Sage Advice: Salvia sp.
Abronia macrocarpa
Texas First Botanist: Edwin James, Part II

Volume 2, No. 6
Penstemon sp.
Tallgrass Prairies

Volume 3, No 1
Native Texas Roses
Texas Snowbell
Solidago sp. (Goldenrods)
Interview: Benny Simpson

Volume 3, No 2
Savia penstemonoides
Hedeoma drummondii

Volume 3, No 3
In Loca Deserta
Seed Collecting Simplified

Volume 3, No 4
Adaptation of Native Plants
Dodecatheon meadia (Shooting Star)
Texas Bluebonnets (Seed & Soil Treatment)

Volume 3, No 5
Pollination Ecology

Volume 3, No 6
Creating Your Own Small Prairie
Propagation Notes

Volume 4, No 1
Nancy Jean Benedict Memorial (1923 – 1985)
Shin Oak
In Search of Rare Plant: Hoffmannseggia tenella

Volume 4, No 2
Crataegus reverchonii
Louisiana Iris
Focus: Chalk Maple & Shagbark Hickory

Volume 4, No 3
Endangered, Threatened or Rare plants of Texas
The Roses of St. John

Volume 4, No 4
Chinquapin Oak
Wider Distribution for Endemic Quillwort

Volume 4, No 5
Amendments to  Bylaws
How to grow Eustoma

Volume 4, No 6
Bottomland Protection
LBJ National Grassland

Volume 5, No 1
Mary Jo Laughlin Memorial
Guidelines for Collecting Rare Plants

Volume 5, No 2
Building a Living Library of Endangered Plants
Gossip About Red Cedar: Juniperus sp.
Treasures of Alaakua: East Maui, Hawaii
Crataegus sp.