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The NICE Native Plant Partner program is a collaboration between the Native Plant Society of Texas and local nurseries around the state to offer native plants that are right for the local environment. NICE stands for Natives Improve and Conserve Environments.

Texas is a large, diverse state and plants that work for one region may not always be the best choice in a different region. NICE Partner committees, run by our local chapters, highlight native plants of the month or the season in cooperation with participating local nurseries and wholesalers in order to assure availability. The Native Plant Society chapter then helps promote native plants sales to the public by providing signs and plant information at the point of sale, advertising on its website and assisting with onsite plant sale events.

Why Plant Natives In Your Yard?

Save Water: Native plants are drought-tolerant, naturally conserving our precious water resources. 

Support Wildlife: Native plants bring back critical habitat to our urban and suburban landscapes that provide food and shelter for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.

Reduce Chemical Use: Native plants don’t need pesticides or fertilizers.

Best Adapted to the Local Region: Native plants evolved to thrive in local climate and soils. 

Are Beautiful: We do not need to sacrifice beauty in our landscapes when growing native plants.

NPSOT Native Plant Database

Click here to search for plants by Texas region, season, and other attributes that fit your landscape.

 Volunteer Opportunities

  • Recruit partner nurseries
  • Participate in onsite events to promote native plants with nursery partners
  • Publicity: Chapter Social Media, Newspaper articles, posters and signs, t-shirts and buttons
  • Sign up here to help us with upcoming NICE events

Austin Chapter Native Plant Partner Nurseries

For statewide nurseries look at our statewide NICE partners page.

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