Fredericksburg Chapter

Echoes from the Past

Every organization should have an attic, a treasure trove!

We are growing – from a  handful of members interested in preserving the natural ecosystem of  Edwards Plateau to over 300 members today!

These newsletters highlight the path from the beginning of the Fredericksburg chapter of the Native Plant Society: A record of the people involved. Pictures. Experiences. Plans.  Outreach to Involve the Community. Fun. Companionship.

It is both a history of our organization and a place to glean ideas. It is our foundation and a spark to send us forward

Kathy Lyles had two years stored on her computer. They are ready to be opened like an old album and enjoyed. The remainder is still, literally, in the attic and will come on-line as they are scanned. Please return for more exploration.

If you are a foundation member, thank you for your foresight, energy and hard work.

If you are a new member exploring the attic, these are the shoulders we stand on.  ~ Denise Coulter

2022 – Paula Stone, President

December Newsletter, 2022   Holiday Party, display Cross Mtn. sign. President’s goodbye.

November Newsletter 2022 Culmination of the year. * Holiday Party Volunteers Needed; report of trip SA Botanical Gardens
* SA Botanical Gardens Tour Report & Photo

October –  Newsletter 2022–  Meet the candidates for next year’s Board of Directors. We vote at the October meeting; October  speaker Michael Eason,  Associate Director of Conservation and Collections, San Antonio Botanical Garden

September Newsletter 2022~ *”Looking for a Champion” ;*Trans-Pecos Shrubs by Lonnie Childs;* Fall Symposium

August Newsletter 2022   – * New Venue coming;       * Craig Hensley to teach us iNaturalist    * field trips

July Newsletter 2022 –   –    Celebrating the  4th of July* Homegrown National Park introduced. Fall SymposiumJuly speaker: Robert Edmonson :What’s going on with my Trees?

June Newsletter 2022 *  Do you have a STEAM garden?  Dinah Zike speaker *   Hill Country Morning Glories by Lonnie Childs;

May Newsletter 2022 * Field Trip Report by Patti Guin * Newspaper Office Natives in Pots: A New Native Presence  on Main Street
* ‘Meet the Muhlys’ with Lonnie Childs * May Speaker- ‘Restoring Functional Ecosystems with Regenerative Agriculture’
* ’3 Seconds’ – Climate Change Video Puts It In Perspective

April Newsletter 2022 –  *Invasive Plant Committee Members Wanted :*BioBlitz Coming Up *Lonnie Childs – ‘Yaupon, Possum-haw, Yeehaw Holly!’ *Plant Sale Report “Pollinators and Their Importance’ by Sue Blackwell

March Newsletter 2022 – YIKES! A&M is doing what ?! Paul Unger – Scouring the Countryside for Dogbane * Lonnie Childs Celebrates Texas Barberry

February Newsletter 2022  Billy Kniffen (H2O specialist) speaker for month; Lonnie Childs “Mormon Tea”; Spring Symposium.

January Newsletter 2022   * Holiday Party – Silent Auction Results
* Meet Our Chapter Officers
* Lonnie Childs – Mycology 101
* Another Loss – Katie Day


3 may 2019 Field trip to Stacy Johnson’s property.  Native Plant Classes at FISD

2 april 2019  We won the membership contest – and we weren’t even trying!   Nancy Naptho with award winning photo.



10 Oct 2018   From the Desk of Diana Armbrust: Our Members-Only Plant Sale! Whew! IT’S OVER!




Fbg Native Texas News 2010_01   Steve Nelle encourages healthy riparian ecology;  “Curried Multigrain Salad” recipe from  Maggie Livings

Fbg Native Texas News 2010_03  NICE plants; seed gleaning workshop

Fbg Native Texas News 2010_05   Picnic at Vernon Frost Home; article: “Cleaning Up Mother Nature”

Fbg Native Texas News 2010_07   “The Story of Westcave Preserve”;  Members Only Class a Good  Learning “Tool”

Fbg Native Texas News 2010_09   Early Texas Naturalists; Wildscapes Workshop

Fbg Native Texas News 2010_12     Fredericksburg Chapter of the Year; New officers elected 



News_2009_12    Holiday Party on 12th December

News_2009_10    Field Trip to Tracy Ranch re-scheduled; WildScapes Workshop and photos

News_2009_08   Field trip to Juenke Home; Book review on Lone Star Wildflowers;  “Elevator Invasives Speeches”