The Fredericksburg Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas has two official display gardens that we oversee and maintain – and several others where we combine vision, love and labor with other organizations.  Each of us as gardeners builds on the visions we see displayed around us. These gardens are our opportunity to educate the community to their potential of landscaping with native plants. Not one is a one person job. Each requires the helping hands and green thumbs of volunteers. We invite you to contact the manager of each site to see what opportunities you have to join others to garden for the public.

 The Fredericksburg, Texas Post Office Gardenan official NPSOT garden, managed by Linda Ross and Kim LewisIn Fredericksburg, people still go to the post office!  Once there, they are treated to a stunning garden display of native plants.

Four years ago, these gardens were weed infested mounds of dirt.Today, they are colorful showcases of native and adapted plants and are thriving …in spite of being planted above a packed construction foundation and subjected to daily doses of auto emissions and the extremes of Texas weather. Linda reports that one of the best parts of tending the beds is interacting with the visitors to the Post Office. Some like to share their gardening experience; others ask questions; many share their enthusiasm and encouragement.

Cross Mountain’s  Monarch Garden; led by  the Board of Directors.   Cross Mountain, with its Monarch garden, is a new and exciting collaboration between the City of Fredericksburg and our Native Plant Society chapter.  A long-neglected city park, Cross Mountain is experiencing a rebirth under the guidance of the new City Parks Director, Andrea Schmidt.  Andrea has embraced the vision of our master of native plants, Kathy Lyles, for a park featuring natural habitat rather than a roll of sterile St. Augustine grass. Our chapter welcomes volunteers who not only have removed invasive and undesirable plants, but have saved trees which city contractors had marked for the chainsaw.  Plants for the pollinator garden have been donated by our chapter and are maintained by dedicated, enthusiastic members of the society on a regular basis. 

Cross Mountain is a work in progress but, in time, will be a showplace of native plants, birds, and butterflies in a natural setting; to be long enjoyed by our residents and visitors. Our chapter is in the unique and enviable position of being on the ground floor of development of this resurrected community park.

The following Gardens are not maintained by the Fredericksburg chapter of the Native Plant Society.

However, they are ones to explore and gather ideas for your own part of nature.  Each of these gardens has been influenced by members who are both part of this chapter and Master Gardeners or Master Naturalists. Moving nature into our lives is extremely important.  Enjoy and learn from each display.

Veterans’ Memorial; managed by Ward Miller.  Our own military veterans (high 5 and thank you!), Ward Miller and Lloyd Kneese, care for this sacred native plant garden on Main Street, in front of our Gillespie County Court House.  Because of its featured location, it must be impeccably maintained. During the school year, 5th and 6th graders from Ambleside School, along with their teacher, assist.  

“Good Sam” — Good Samaritan GardenA Master Gardener projectWard Miller is the NPSOT point person at the Good Sam garden.  As we see so many times among our NPSOT members, the maxim “one person can make a difference” is reflected in the origins of this beautiful garden.  In 2004, Peggy Benson,…..a dual member of NPSOT and Master Gardeners …. convinced the Good Samaritan Board to landscape with Hill Country native and adapted plants.  From that beginning, the gardens now bloom gloriously; attracting pollinators as well as providing enjoyment for visitors.      

The Dr. John Lipe Memorial Garden; managed by Master Gardeners.  Joyce Studer leads the management of this garden which features over 70 native and adapted Hill Country plants.  It is one of the best collections of native plants in Fredericksburg, including a showcase Smoke Tree. (forgive the bad photo of this blooming tree.. but you might want to make a trip to the garden to see it for yourself).  The heavily visited garden is frequently used as an outdoor classroom.  It is located at the USDA Service Center on the corner of Frederick Road and Llano.


2017 Gillespie County Leadership Class Project

Area pre-schools and after-school care centers are the recipients of raised vegetable bed and pollinator gardens; built as a project of the current Gillespie County Leadership Class.  Our NPSOT chapter supports these gardens with native plants and advice as needed.  

 Johnson City Library

The Johnson City Library, in collaboration with The Hill Country Alliance, has received a donation of plants to establish a pollinator garden at the library.  The two groups will sponsor educational events to teach the community about pollinators as well as good “backyard stewardship practices”.  Children who participate in the after-school Discovery Academy at the library will assist in maintaining the garden.