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How Does Plants x Donation Work?

We list plants and seeds available from our members below.

If you are a member with plants to share, let us know and we will include them.

If you see plants on the list that interest you, let us know and we will connect you to the member those plants.

No contact information or name will not be made public on our website. All communications about the plants will be solely between the member with plants and the individual interested in the plants. Members may also choose to offer their plants in exchange for other plants. Plant and seed availability is subject to change.

We would like to encourage those who receive plants to make an optional donation to our chapter in return for plants that would normally have been sold at our semi-annual sales (we suggest $3 for 4” pots, $5 for gallons, $2 for seeds). This revenue funds our grant program,  scholarships program, and chapter activities. There is no obligation to donate or exchange plants.

Let’s Get Started!

The following plants and seeds have been identified as available from our members. Availability is subject to change.

Common NameScientific NameWater UseLight RequirementSoil MoistureDurationBloom Color
Baby Blue EyesNemophila phacelioidesMediumPart ShadeDryAnnualBlue & Purple
Blue CurlsPhecelia congestaMediumSun, Part ShadeDryAnnual, BiennialBlue & Purple, Pollinator
Chili PetinCapsicum annuumLowSun, Part Shade, ShadeMoistPerennialWhite
Daisy, Engelmann/CutleafEngelmannia peristiniaMediumSunDryPerennialYellow & Orange
Eastern GammagrassTripsacum dactyloidesHighPart ShadeMoistPerennialGrasses & Succulents
Gaura, WhiteOenothera lindheimeri
Germander, AmericanTeucrium canadenseHighPart ShadeMoistPerennialWhite
GoldenrodSolidago altissimaMediumSun, Part ShadeMoistPerennialYellow & Orange
GreenthreadThelesperma filifoliumLowSunDryAnnualYellow & Orange
Gregg's Tube TongueJusticia pilosellaLowPart ShadeDry, MoistPerennialWhite, Pink, Purple
Indian BlanketGaillardia pulchella
Mexican HatRatibida columnifera
Milkweed, Antelope Horns (seeds)Asclepias asperulaMediumSunDry, MoistPollinators
Pink MintStachys drummondiiAnnualPink, Lavender
Rock RosePavonia lasiopetalaLowSun, Part ShadeDryPerennialRed & Pink Blooming
Sedge, CedarCarex planostachysPerennial
Skullcap, HeartleafScutellaria ovata ssp. bracteataLowPart Shade, ShadeDryPerennialBlue & Purple
Straggler Daisy
Sunflower, Common (seeds)Helianthus annuusMediumSunDryAnnualYellow
Texas NightshadeSolanum triquetrumPerennialWhite & Violetn
VelvetweedOenothera curtifloraAnnualWhite, Pink
Whitebrush, Bee-brushAloysia gratissima
Wild PetuniaRuellia nudiflora
Winecup, Standing AnnualCallirhoe leiocarpaLowPart ShadeMoistAnnualPink & Red
ZexmeniaWedelia acapulcensis var. hispidaLowSun, Part ShadeDry, MoistPerennialYellow & Orange

Don’t See A Plant You Want In The List?

A few of our members are licensed nursery growers in Texas who may have native Texas species of interest. Please text them directly:

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