San Antonio Chapter


Events Calendar

We promote a wide variety of native plant related events on our calendar.

Chapter Meetings

Our chapter meetings are held regularly at The Gathering Hall at the Urban Ecology Center and Online.

Plants X Donation

An on-going opportunity for our member propagators and seed collectors to share their native plants  with others in the community.

Native Plant Sale

NPSOT-SA plans to have a small plant booth at SAWS Spring Bloom, which is likely to be scheduled on Saturday, March 11, 2023, from 9 a.m. To 1 p.m.

Grant Program

The goals of the Grant Program are to increase San Antonio NPSOT chapter member participation in community projects that promote the use of native plants and the conservation and restoration of native plant habitats through education, outreach and example. Additionally, the program strives to educate members and the local community about the value and use of native plants and plant habitats. Finally, the program encourages research related to the conservation and restoration of native plants and native plant habitats.

Native Landscape Certification Program

The Native Plant Society of Texas created the Native Landscape Certification Program (NLCP) to encourage a migration of Texans back to nature that will reap priceless benefits for our families, environment, and economy.

NLCP is a series of day-long classes that teach best practices for native plant landscaping – including wildlife habitat gardening. Each class consists of an indoor training session and a plant identification section. We show you plants native to the local ecoregion, illustrating their use in the landscape. You will also see common non-native plants which may take over our natural areas. In each level you are presented 45 native Texas plants recommended for your landscape and 5 plants to avoid. Classes are adapted to the area in which they are offered.

  • Level 1: Introduction to Native Landscapes – Class & Plant Walk
  • Level 2: Design and Development with Native Plants – Class & Plant Walk
  • Level 3: Installing and Maintaining Native Landscapes – Class & Plant Walk
  • Level 4: Stewardship of Native Plant Communities (under development) – Class & Plant Walk Visit Native Landscape Certification Program
  • Native Landscape for Birds – Companion Class

Learn more about the levels we will be teaching this year.

Demonstration Gardens

Pollinatives Native Plant Demonstration Garden

Leads: Haeley Giambalvo and Teresa Maslonka Workdays: As needed. The San Antonio chapter was approached by our new NICE Program Plant Partner Nursery, Pollinatives, in early May 2024, to help

Harmony Hills Cabana Club Community Garden

Leads: Teresa Maslonka and Ellen Hagan Workdays: As needed. The San Antonio Chapter of the Native Plant society provided a grant to NPSOT members Ellen Hagan and Teresa Maslonka in

NICE! Native Plant Partners

The NICE Native Plant Partners program is a collaboration between the Native Plant Society of Texas and local nurseries around the state to offer natives that are right for the local environment. Texas is a large, diverse state and plants that work for one region may not always be the best choice in a different region. Native Plant Partners committees run by our local chapters create a list of Plant of the Month plants (in some areas a Plant of the Season) in cooperation with participating local nurseries and wholesalers in order to assure availability. The Native Plant Society chapter then helps promote the Plant of the Month through its website and newspaper articles, signs at the point of sale and other means. Often an information sheet on the plant is available at the nursery.