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Native Plant Society of Texas

San Antonio Chapter

Mission Reach

“Breathtaking landscapes, grand artwork, and internationally recognized National Parks are just a snapshot the Mission Reach section of the San Antonio River Walk.

This 8-mile linear park has over 16 miles of trail along the river for pedestrians and bicyclists to enjoy, plus a paddling trail for canoeing and kayaking. These trails connect to stunning Mission Portals which are large works of art serving as gateways to the San Antonio World Heritage Mission Sites.

The Mission Reach looks much different than the historic San Antonio River Walk and the Museum Reach. It is a shining example of urban ecosystem restoration. You may run into some of our River Authority landscape team members keeping the area free of trash and nurturing the native Texas grasses and wildflowers that provide seed, pollen, fruit and nectar for wildlife. The result is a serene, natural landscape where visitors can enjoy the inherent beauty of the river. The restoration has also improved the San Antonio River’s water quality, ecosystem function and health. The ecosystem improvements allow fishermen, birdwatchers and other nature enthusiasts more opportunities to enjoy wildlife in an urban area. You might even join some of the River Authority recreation staff for a fishing or birding clinic!”

–Excerpt from the San Antonio River Authority website about the park.

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