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NPSOT Dallas June 17, 2024 meeting: Can Forgotten Cemeteries Help Restore Biodiversity?

Texas Constellation MapFor more than a century, historic Warren Angus Ferris cemetery was a neglected site, overgrown with invasive plant species. But in 2018, Dallas resident Julie Ann Fineman decided to restore the land and recover its historical and environmental value. “The restored land provides a beautiful educational wildlife sanctuary for the neighborhood, enhances authentic natural and cultural Dallas history and bolsters native pollinator populations.”

Friends of Warren Ferris Cemetery, a nonprofit organization in Dallas, Texas, is working to transform cemeteries into sanctuaries for wildlife and native plants through a two-year pilot called the Constellation of Living Memorials. 

The Cemetery Constellation model is replicable… imagine the impact! see map.

Julie FinemanAfter 30 years as an award-winning Hollywood photographer, Julie Fineman’s photographic legacy is now housed in the permanent collection of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Library. Subsequently, she re-envisioned her life’s focus through a year’s internship on an organic farm in upstate New York. She now advocates for wildlife conservation through multiple programs. 

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