Abbie Ince-Hendrickson

I was originally born in the dusty plains of Lubbock, TX. For my undergraduate degree, I attended Texas A&M University in College Station, receiving a B.S. in Microbiology, with emphasis in evolutionary ecology, and a B.S in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, with emphasis on conservation biology.

I worked for two years as a wildlife technician, catching snakes, birds, and tortoises, until I landed a position as a Wildlife Biologist looking at bat and bird mortality under large wind turbines. Shortly after meeting my husband in 2016, I decided to go after a master’s degree. The large majority of my Master’s work was done in the coastal estuary regions of the gulf, catching American alligators and analyzing their parasitic gut fauna. Leading a field team and catching alligators reaffirmed my passion for field work and herpetofauna. I graduated with my M.S. from Texas Tech University (yes, back in Lubbock) in May of 2020.

My husband and I recently moved to the Conroe area and bought 10 acres of forested land which we are managing for wildlife and plant diversity. I am currently working in the nursery at Nature’s Way Resources in an effort to be actively learning during the pandemic and improve upon my field identification of native plants. I am extremely interested in habitat restoration and management for native wildlife and plants, passionate about all things herpetological, and can’t wait to go on a plant walk with you!

Conroe, TX, USA

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