Spring 2024 Member Magazine

Found only in the San Marcos River, Texas Wild Rice (Zizania texana) is a rare species of grass that is endangered in the U.S.
The Heartleaf Hibiscus (Hibiscus martianus) is not cold-hardy, though some people have found that heavy mulching help this plant make through freezes. It grows well in pots, too.
Mimosa borealis, Donna Cagle.

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A Spring to Remember

Welcoming Spring with Open Arms

2023 Ann Miller Gonzalez Research Grant Recipients

Wet and Wild: Diving into the Underworld of Aquatic Plants

Hidden Gems: Unique Landscaping Options

Your Favorite Flora Revealed

Inviting the Prairie Into Your Home Landscape

Remembering “Mr. Bluebonnet”

Spreading the Monarch Mission

Gardening with a Purpose

Save Time Landscape Planning This Spring

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