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Possumhaw Holly Tree Root Sprouts

Gardening Tips, Hints and Hacks June 2023

If you’ve been gardening for any amount of time, you have probably discovered practical gardening practices that work for you here in Central Texas. We’d love for you to share them with us! In coming newsletters, we’ll select and share one or two submissions.

Native Plant Demonstration Garden at the Harmony Hills Cabana Club

Harmony Hills Cabana Club Native Plant Garden

The San Antonio Chapter of the Native Plant society provided a grant to NPSOT members Ellen Hagan and Teresa Maslonka in 2022 to purchase plants for a native plant demonstration garden at the Harmony Hills Cabana Club.

Harmony Hills Cabana Club Native Plant Garden

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White Striped Long Tail Butterfly

Butterflies of Bexar County

June 2023 Presentation by Zachary Tonzetich Butterflies of Bexar County Zachary Tonzetich will discuss some of the basics about how to get started in butterfly watching, describe some identification tips,

Phil Hardberger Park Land Bridge

Hardberger Park: From Conception to Completion

April 2023 Presentation by Wendy Leonard Nature Preserve Officer City of San Antonio Phil Hardberger Park Phil Hardberger Park opened to the public in May 2010. Wendy Leonard, PHP Nature