Invasive Plants

Arundo donax; Photo credit: Deedy Wright

On a global basis … the two great destroyers of biodiversity are, first, habitat destruction and second, invasion by exotic species. 

E. O. Wilson, Father of Biodiversity

Our Mission

The mission of the NPSOT Invasive Plant Committee is to convey the harm caused by invasive plants, to provide informational resources to identify and manage invasive plants, to support invasive plant removal and to restore habitats with native plant alternatives.

To contact the Invasive Plant Committee, send us an email

Negative Impact of Invasive Plants

  1. Contribute to the decline of our natural biodiversity.
  2. Impact the health of ecosystems by displacing native plants. 
  3. Impact nature’s balance on which all species, including humans, depend.

In order to preserve the biodiversity and conserve natural habitat quality throughout our state, the Native Plant Society of Texas encourages the use of native plants on public and private lands and discourages the use of invasive plants.

Invasive Plant Database

To search for plants in the invasive plant database, use the search box below and filter by type of plant if desired and press Submit. 

You can enter the plant’s common or scientific name, or other relevant criteria to refine your search. 

The database will return matching invasive plants, along with detailed information about each species’ characteristics, impacts, and more. We also show information about removal and appropriate native species replacements for your ecoregion.

Common Mullein

Verbascum thapsus


Common Periwinkle

Vinca minor

Groundcover, Vine

Common Water Hyacinth

Pontederia crassipes

Aquatic, Perennial

Crested Floating Heart

Nymphoides hydrophylla

Aquatic, Perennial

Deep Rooted Sedge

Cyperus enterianus

Grass and Sedge

Elephant Ear

Colocasia esculenta

Aquatic, Perennial

English Ivy

Hedera helix

Groundcover, Vine

Eurasian Watermilfoil

Myriophyllum spicatum

Aquatic, Perennial

European Privet

Ligustrum vulgare


Field Bindweed

Convolvulus arvensis


Giant Reed

Arundo donax

Grass and Sedge, Perennial

Glossy Privet

Ligustrum lucidum

Shrub, Tree

Golden Bamboo

Phyllostachys aurea

Grass and Sedge

Golden Rain Tree

Koelreuteria paniculata


Heavenly Bamboo

Nandina domestica



Hydrilla verticillata

Aquatic, Perennial

Japanese Climbing Fern

Lygodium japonicum

Perennial, Vine

Japanese Hollyfern

Cyrtomium falcatum


Japanese Honeysuckle

Lonicera japonica

Groundcover, Vine

Japanese Privet

Ligustrum japonicum

Shrub, Tree

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