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NPSOT Dallas September 18, 2023 meeting: Pollinators 301: A deeper dive into Plant-Pollinator Pairings

Passion Flower and BeeTOPIC: Pollinators 301: A deeper dive into Plant-Pollinator Pairings

SPEAKER: Nancy Wilson, gives talks on native plants, pollinators and butterflies and the need for native habitat.

Perhaps you have mastered the basics of butterflies. Or maybe you have learned a bit about bees. You know that hummers hover…   Are you ready for a deeper understanding of what makes plants and pollinators pair up so well?

Come learn the magic of nature and the surprising ways certain pollinators are specifically suited for the plants they pollinate.

If you already have a pollinator garden, you can find new joy in it. If you are new to pollinator paradise, you will be eager to start watching nature in action.

This talk was inspired by a simple request by Texas A&M to look for bees in the garden. That launched years of observing and learning about the special features of plants and animals and why it is so important to provide for them in our gardens and open spaces.

Monthly Meeting: August 21, 2023, at 6:30 with speaker beginning at 7pm.
As a reminder, anyone can attend. NPSOT membership is not required to join the monthly meetings.

Location: Gaston Christian Center’s Fellowship Hall
8515 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75243
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If you can’t join in person, log on using this link:

Nancy Wilson is a Dallas County Master Gardener, Texas Master Naturalist and Native Plant Society volunteer. She has been learning about native plants and pollinators since 1998, but with more concerted effort over the last five years.

Yogi Bera said: “You can observe a lot just by watching”. Enchanted by watching as a participant in Citizen Science projects, Nancy has become hooked on learning from books, lectures, webinars and nature nerds about native plants and their pollinators. She enthusiastically shares what she has learned in hopes of intriguing the nature lover in you!

TEXAS MASTER GARDENER, Dallas County (2016)
Advanced Vegetable Specialist
Advanced Entomology Specialist
Native Plant Society of Texas, Levels 1-4 Certification
Native Plant Society of Texas, Landscaping for Birds
North Texas Master Naturalist (2018) (New Class Director 2020-2021; Board; Secretary 2023)

2022 Master Gardener Speaker of the Year
Yard is recognized as a Certified Monarch Waystation, National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat, Advanced Bird Friendly Habitat and Texas Parks and earned Wildlife Best of the Backyards Award
Yard on City of Dallas Water Wise Tour or Master Gardener Tour 2010 – 2018
Continually developing Texas Native drought tolerant landscape for benefit of birds, pollinators and other animals since 1998
Organic Gardener for landscape and vegetables

Co-Coordinator of Native Landscape Certification Program (Native Plant Society of Texas)
Donation Garden Coordinator for two community gardens over 8 year period
Habitat Committee for the Dallas Mayor’s Monarch Pledge (National Wildlife Federation)
Established the first Certified Monarch Waystation on City of Dallas Park Property
Member of the Native Plant Society
Member of Blackland Prairie Native Prairie Association